Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sweet Spidey Cover

Take a look at the image on the left. Notice anything about it aside from it looking awesome? Take a glance at Spidey's right foot at the bottom. See it now? Yes, true believers, that is the signature of the legendary "Jazzy" John Romita!

JR Sr. is semi-retired but I always love it when he does some work on Spider-Man, even if its just a comic cover. If I recall, the last time John did some work on Spider-Man was in Amazing Spider-Man #500. He drew the last few pages where Peter had a reunion with uncle Ben.

JR Sr. is without a doubt, one of the best artists to ever draw Spider-Man. The way he drew the character was so great that it was copied by nearly every other artist that drew Spidey for nearly two decades. The two artists that came closest to replicating JR. Sr.'s style was John Buscema and JR Sr.'s offspring, John Romita Jr., who now has his own take on Spidey.

The cover you see here is one for the 6 part storyline coming in August, New Ways to Die. As much as I hate what Amazing Spider-Man has become over the last 7 months, even I cannot dis this cover because it was drawn by one of the best that ever worked in the business. The actual story art will be drawn by JR Jr. If you've been living under a rock, the story with deal with Spidey battling the Thunder Bolts, some new weirdo called Anti-Venom, and even Mary Jane will show up. Sounds like a must-buy story arc, right? That does sound like some juicy bait but I still refuse to bite. Until I get a Spider-Man that isn't an incompetent boob and I actually give a rat's butt ox as to what happens to him and the rest of the characters, ASM still won't get my money. Nonetheless, that cover is all kinds of awesome.


spideyfan said...

Whoa; I just saw the cover without seeing the signature and my immediate response was: This is done by Amazing "John Romita", except that I thought it is drawn by John the second not the 1st.

Do you know the "Green Goblin" will show us his lovely mask in the new arc? I saw a cover by Alex Ross showing the Goblins mask laughing, the style of that cover is an exact replicant to his work on a cover holding the face of the Joker.

I'll read the arc and then I'll tell you if it's worth buying, not by telling you what I liked but by giving you details about elements you enjoy the most in Spider-Man comics. Is that O.K with you?

I know "Jimmy Mooney" didn't come as close as the two John's to the major figure done by John Romita sr. on Spider-Man's suit, but he did come close and he is one of my favorite Spider-Man artists. What do you think of "Jim Mooney's" art?

Reggie White Jr. said...

Sounds good to me, spideyfan.

I think I saw the Alex Ross cover you're talking about. I should have guessed that was his artwork from the start. Guess I'm slipping.

Jim Mooney was a great artist. He'll be missed as will Mr. Turner.

Tommy said...

The thing with the Thunderbolts has me confused due to seeing scans of the Invaders taking them out, meaning, either that series crosses over with whatever happens in Amazing...or the Thunderbolts make 2 attempts on Spidey? o_Q