Friday, September 30, 2011

Still Adjusting

It's been nearly a year since I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia. My father asked me some time ago, if it really sank in that I lived in VA Beach. At the time, I told him no and he responded by telling me that it could take a while before I fully adjust to living here. Even after being here for almost a year, I'm a little surprised that I'm still not 100% used to where I live.

The first time I moved I was too young to really remember. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and my family moved to Dayton, Ohio a year or so after I was born. So despite being born in Cleveland, Dayton has always felt like my true home. I really like VA Beach, but since this was my second out of state move and with me now being much older for it to impact me, I'm not completely sure how to deal with some of these feelings.

When I'm not busy working, I get plenty of time to stop and think and it often hits me "Wow, I'm really living my life somewhere other than Dayton." I've said it before and I'll say it again. Making this move was not an easy thing for me. I guess some people deal with these things better than others, but speaking from my own personal experience, when you live one place most of your life and then you go somewhere else, that takes some time to get used to, much more time than I originally thought.

More than anything, I feel like an outsider. I walk down streets I've been down so many times now and go to stores I've been in over and over again and I still feel like an alien. I don't feel like this all the time, but it just bugs me that I that way at all and I can't wait for this feeling to go away. There have been times where I've run into people that know that I'm not originally from VA Beach. I'm not sure if it's from the sound of my voice (no, I don't have an accent or anything), or I'm just that transparent that people can tell right away.

Without saying too much about my job, I will say that I work with some terrific people and they were among the first friends that I made when I moved. Like the people I knew and worked with in Ohio, they are becoming like extended family to me. Yeah, that might make me sound like a clingy, emotional idiot, but one of the main things I learned in church is that family isn't all blood related.

Lately, I have been missing my friends, my extended family in Ohio a lot. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about them. So if any of you happen to be reading this post, know that you're in my thoughts and that I miss and love you.

Before this post sounds too overly negative, let me say that I do really enjoy living in VA Beach. It's a wonderful city. I get to see my nieces and nephew, father, sister, and brother-in-law, I make far more money than what I did in Ohio, and I've met some more great people. I guess it'll just take more time before I truly feel like I've adjusted to this new life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What to Do

It's been nearly 3 months since I made a post on this blog. Part of the reason for not writing anything here is that I've been busy writing on my gaming blog. The other reason is that I've been struggling with what I should write here.

When I started this blog back in March of 2008, it was primarily a comic-based blog, but since my interest in the medium had decreased so much, there hasn't been a great deal for me to talk about on that front. For a while, the blog did see a lot of activity regarding non-comic based posts before I made my move to Virginia Beach. But  now, well, as I said, it's been a sizable gap since the last post.

I'm not entirely sure what I should dedicate this blog to.  I think my father and sister have far more interesting things to blog about in their lives than I do. That's not to say I think my life is dull. Far from it. I guess it's just easier to write about gaming because I'm so passionate about it. I do still keep an eye on the comic industry so I could chime in on what's going on there. Or I could just continue to write about the things going on in my life. Should I write about what I like, or about what I think people would prefer to read about? Maybe I could do both.

One thing I have deiced on is to get out in the open why I'm so fed up with comics. There will be a nice detailed post about that coming up. I've also got some stuff to say about my life here in Virginia Beach and how I've been adjusting to it all. So while I haven't posted for some time, this blog is far from dead.