Friday, July 4, 2008

Mega Man Web Comics

If you didn't know, Mega Man is my all-time favorite video game character. He's got (mostly) great games, said games have sweet music and he stars in some of the best web comics on the... net. The cream of the crop is Bob & George. This baby clocks in with 2,658 comics. Bog & George entertained many a Mega Man fan from April 1, 2000 all the way to July 28, 2007. Kudos to Dave Anez for making such a hilarious comic and for keeping it up and running for so many years.
Even if you aren't into video games or Mega Man, odds are pretty good you'll still get a lot of laughs out of this strip.

Another one of my favorites is Super Adventure Quint. The comic was plagued by delays, and I have no idea of the comic's current status but I always found it pretty funny. To my knowledge, it spans 6 chapters (so far) and over 250 comics.


Tommy said...

Heheheh @ the Power Ranger reference, esp. since I mentioned it in Bob's blog not that long ago.

Reggie White Jr. said...

That strip had me cracking up. =)