Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I finally spotted a copy of Animal House on DVD last Friday for $8. I'd been wanting to check out this film for sometime after hearing a lot of good things about it. At first I thought it was made in the '80s, but no, the film actually came out in 1978, making it more than thirty years old.

Animal House tells the story of a rag-tag frat group called the Deltas, the worst frat on the whole campus. The Deltas are on their last legs. One more screw up and they are history.

As with most college films, I was expecting this one to try to teach me something, to instill some kinda knowledge into my mind. You know, maybe give me some kinda moral to walk away with. This is one of the few movies that did none of those things. In fact, it doesn't even trying to. If Animal House has some sort of message that I could get from it, that message would be that you have to stop and laugh yourself silly every now and then because the movie made me do just that.