Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another JR Jr. Special

Spider-Man has been drawn by countless artists over the 45+ years he's been around. One of my favorites is John Romita Jr. I love looking at his old work and his most recent drawing and he's still improving his art style. He's worked in the business for over 30 years and has a huge fan following.

Volume 18 of Modern Masters focuses on JR Jr.'s career in comics with some good old Q & A, and a ton of artwork from Johnny Jr. The book will be in stock Jul 30th and when I get some cash, I'll be sure to order a copy.

I'd like to thank Todd Merrick Novak for bringing this book to my attention and for giving me something else to spend money on.


spideyfan said...

John Romita jr. deserves to be in the top of the favorite artists list.

First time I knew about him was while readin the issue about 9/11, the thought that came to my head was: "What happened? His art is corrupted?" I remembered back then only John Romita sr.

While the time passed I felt warmer toward this art style, and became a fan of his art especially in the Morlun story (Coming Home)

Tommy said...

I think one of my earliest recollections of his art was the mid-90's, when he worked on The Lost Years, a story revealing some key info about Ben Reilly's time on the road.