Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Unwrapping

When I heard everyone was going to open a gift on Christmas Eve, I thought that only extended to my nieces and nephew. Turns out everyone meant everyone. My sister has been crocheting for a while now she's she's good at it. She's so good that she made everyone in the family a scarf. It's ironic because I was thinking about buying a scarf but now I don't need to. Like a store bought scarf, this baby keeps my neck nice and warm and it has a sweet pattern to boot. I can't wait to try this thing out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Virginia Beach: Year One

On December 20, 2011, after a long road trip, I arrived in my new home, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Hard to believe it's been one year. It's a been an interesting year at that. I got to know my two nieces and nephew, growing more as an uncle as a result. After a lot of searching, I landed a nice job, making more money than what I did in Ohio and I work with some excellent people. I lived through my first hurricane and experienced a very low level earth quake. I saw the beach for the first time in my life and it was AWESOME.

Virginia Beach is a fantastic city. Town Center, the area where I spend a lot of my time, is a great place to shop. The Ocean Front, where the main Virginia Beach is located is absolutely beautiful and is a wonderful place to walk up and down. Despite the fact that many of the people in this city have no business being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, I really do like living here.

A year may not seem like a lot of time but when I stop and think about it, it really is unbelievable to me that I've lived out one year of my life outside of Dayton, Ohio. I was determined to build a life for myself here and I've done just that. It's a good life, too. I have a good job, a wonderful family and I've made new friends. And yet, for all the things I've seen and done here, I'm still adjusting to my new home. So I guess I've still got some growing to do. I suppose there's no where else to go but forward. Just when you think you have everything in life figured out, it drops a new text book on your desk for you to read. It's true what they say, you really never stop learning.