Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man Preview

Oh yeah, now we're talking. THIS is the kinda stuff I want to see in Spider-Man. Fans that have missed having a married Spider-Man will get a nice fix in the form of Mr. and Mrs. Spider-Man, written by Tom DeFalco, drawn by Ron Frenz, and inked by Sal Buscema. If you click the link to the preview, you'll notice a few homage scenes. There's the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #44, and the famous final panel of Amazing Spider-Man #42.

Peter and Mary Jane themselves are looking very John Romita-like, which has this Spidey fan foaming at the mouth. The Lizard looks more like he did in his earlier appearances, probably to keep with the old-school feel of the art.

It all starts on August 6th, folks. Push, shove and knock over whoever is in your way to get a copy, but make sure you're polite about it.


spideyfan said...

I quote:
(Push, shove and knock over whoever is in your way to get a copy, but make sure you're polite about it.)
Polite in pushing and shoving? I hope they sell it here, I never found spinoffs or extra titles beside the major title in my country.

"Ron Frenz" is in the top of my star list artists, especially since he started following the method of "John Romita sr." in art style.

My list:
1. John Romita sr.
2. Ron Frenz
3. John Romita jr.
4. John Buscema
5. Jim Mooney (I wanted to type his nickname; but it's just not nice to type such thing especially about a dead man)
6. Sal Buscema (I didn't like it that after the story of "Death of the Sin Eater" he started drawing fuzzy wrinkles, at least they're gone now)
7. Mark Buckengham

Reggie White Jr. said...

SpideyFan, I called the president, and he approves of your taste in Spidey artists.

Tommy said...

Nice! This'll be out on my b-day.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

It is moves like this that baffle me as to the “ending” of Pete and MJ’s marriage in Amazing. Either Marvel editorial is preparing a back door “fix” to the BND, or the entire 18-month-long story line is just one big feint to the left to shake up fandom and get people talking about Spidey again.

More and more I’m beginning to think that everything will be revealed in ASM #600 (the proposed end to the BND-story). Any thoughts folks?

Reggie White Jr. said...

As far as ASM #600 goes, I don't expect a reasonable explanation of how things "fit."

I'm all for BND ending and ASM actually moving forward. The sooner this faced world ends the better.