Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video Blogging?

It's all the rage these days. I mean, everybody is doing it. Except for me. Because I'm not one of the cool kids. Yeah.

Really, though this is something I've given serious thought to over the last few months. It looks and sounds like it would be a lot of fun and it would more than likely be quicker than a written blog. Of course since I don't have a camera yet, it isn't something I'd be able to do anytime soon. Plus, I think I have one of the most boring-sounding voices on the planet. I can already see the YouTube comments pointing out my awesome suckitude vocal cords. But I digresss.

If I were to start video blogging, I probably wouldn't talk a lot about comics because I only read a handful of them now (my interest in them has waned considerably). Video games, on the other hand is something I'd love to talk about in videos and I've already got some ideas to keep it fresh and not seem like a lot of other video bloggers out there. There's other things I'd like to talk about as well, but that's for another day.

For those that read my blogs here, no worries because I've no intention of giving up my written blogs.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am Mega Man, I'm Blue and Cyan...

I've known about this for some time but I've never posted about it on my blog. So guess what manga is finally being localized and brought to America? Come, guess! Thanks for the update, Proto Dude!

Sailor Moon Abridged: HILARIOUS!!!

Years ago (1995, if I recall correctly), I saw a single episode of Sailor Moon. I normally have a pretty good memory, but even I can't remember much about the episode that I did see. I remember the main character Serena/Usagi and Luna, the talking cat. That's pretty much it. Although now that I think about it, I do remember how little sense it made. Now it could be argued that anime in general can be really screwed up, but this was also the time when anime hadn't really hit it big in America so dubbing companies took far more liberties with this and mucked things up more than usual.

Flash forward to 2009. Anime is huge just about everywhere and numerous "Abridged" series are pretty much all over the internet. I thought I could get along just fine with Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged, but after watching the very first episode of Sailor Moon Abridged, I see that I've really been missing out.

Like many other Abridged series, SMA is a gag dub, poking fun at the English dub and the anime itself. This series easily rates up there with TeamFourStar's aforementioned DBZA series so mass props and kudos to the crew behind SMA for providing me with an unfathomable amount of laughs over the last few days. Despite not being a fan of the actual SM series, I still find SMA a hoot and I recommend it to anyone that likes to laugh. You can check out episodes on YouTube, or go to the official SMA website.