Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh, That Norman!

Like I need to go into the details on this. I mean, really.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Super Hero Secret IDs & Their Friends

I've always felt Clark Kent has had one of the poorest disguises of all time for a secret Identity. All he does is straight up his "S" curl so it isn't visible and put on some glasses. Well, also depending on the era, Clark is either goes out of his way to be a bumbling idiot so people don't suspect he's an alien from another world, or here's the non-clumsy modern version. Personally, I like both, but if Lois is indeed a star reporter then she'd have to see through that disguise. Let's be realistic here. No one is that clumsy unless they are trying to be.

I actually read a post on a message board that Lois finding out that Clark was Superman takes away from the whole dynamic. Seriously? The dynamic of making Lois look like a complete idiot who is unable to see what is right in front of her? I didn't miss that one bit. In fact, one of the few problems I had with Superman The Animated Series is that Warner Brothers didn't allow the creators to let Lois find out Clark's secret (In Superman: Doomsday, Lois had already found out and just wanted Clark to tell her himself).

Yes, these are fictional stories but they also contain some realism and realistically, if you're jumping off rooftops in long johns, there's a good chance a buddy or two is gonna get clued in on your extra curricular activities. People that really know you will find out. To think that they won't or for writers have them not be able to deduce this simply paints the hero's friends as morons. Now I'm not saying every friend of a hero should know, but a few of them should. It makes things more interesting.

Mary Jane isn't a detective like the late George Stacy and she was able to find out that Peter Parker was the very man he took pictures of. Really, Peter doesn't go to great lengths to keep people from finding out he's Spider-Man. Bruce Wayne has the whole playboy facade. Batman is the true persona. Peter is Spider-Man. Spider-Man is Peter. There really isn't much difference when Peter has on the mask and that's one of my favorite things about him. He doesn't have this fake image even though he leads a double life. That isn't a diss to the Dark Knight, I'm just saying is all.

In the Static Shock cartoon series, Virgil told Richie that he had super powers from the get go. I thought it was a great idea on the writer's part. Why would you keep something like that from your best friend? Later on, Virgil's dad figured out that his son was Static because he was captured by a villain who found out Static's ID (and subsequently found out Richie was Gear). The result? Virgil and his father were all the closer after that scenario. In Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter told his best friend, MJ, he was the web-head pretty early on. Again, brilliant.

Some will probably bring up the argument that the reason the hero doesn't tell his friends his secret is because they'd be at risk. Well, here's the counter argument. Shouldn't they have the right to know their lives are at risk? And if this person is their best friend, something like that, shouldn't be kept in the closet. Of course not everyone can keep a secret, so not everyone should be told, but everyone should be in the dark either.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Naruto's Family

With everything going on in Naruto right now, I'm hoping Masashi Kishimoto will take some time to tell us more about Naruto's parents. Naruto is the offspring of the fourth Hokage, one of the most powerul ninjas to come out of Konoha. Naruto's mother (whom much of his personaliy stims from) was once a tomboy but matured into a beautiful lady. Kishimotot has, in a recent interview, expressed desire to tell a backstory on the fourth Hokage, so here's hoping how he met Naruto's mother will also be mentioned.

It sucks that Naruto didn't get to grow up with his parents, but he's still done alright for himself. I think they'd both be proud of him.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What If...

Can you imagine Mary Jane about to meet Peter for the first time, deliver the famous words and then Gwen shows up at the door before she can knock? So many ways that scenario could play out.

Mary Jane: Um, hi.

Gwen (coldly): Hi.

MJ (looking back, feeling a bit akward): ....

Gwen: What are you doing here?

MJ: I've got a date with Peter Paker.

Gwen: Excuse me?

MJ: Just what I said, I've got--

Gwen: I know what you said! You actually think you're going to move in on my man?


1. Last time I heard, Peter was unattached.

2. Girl-who-gets-knocked-off-a-bridge-and-killed-and-loses-Peter-to-a-redhead says "what."

Gwen: Now see here! Wait, what?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peter Parker Voted One of 10 Best Dads

"Wait, what? Peter? He doesn’t have a kid! He’s not even married! God bless Marvel, right? Nah, I’m not talking about the core Marvel Peter, I’m talking about the one from Earth 982, MC2. The father of the Amazing, Spectacular Spider-Girl. A Peter Parker who lived through the Clone Saga, and had his daughter returned to him by his clone Kaine. A Peter who lost his leg during his final battle with the Green Goblin, and retired to be with his wife and raise his daughter. He became a forensic scientist, doing the right thing from a police lab instead of out fighting supervillains. He had power, but he had a great responsibility, to be a father to his daughter May. Whom he raised to know the values that drove him through his entire life, that created the heroic Spider-Man. And she went ahead and learned from her old man, carrying on his name and legacy as Spider-Girl. Sure, Peter’s initial reaction was that he didn’t want to see his daughter have the same life he did, he wanted more for her, like a good dad. But when he realized there was nothing he could do to curb her feelings on the matter, he did everything he could to help her become the best she could be. He’s an amazing and supportive father, the kind that raises a hero. In fact, he’s the kind who bred him, as we lead into my number three pick….

And to stand on my soap box for a moment, he’s the kind of character that fans can still relate to. Despite being married with a teenage daughter." -Gery Scherl

Couldn't have said it better myself. Ranking #4 on that list is no small feat. Peter beat out some pretty stiff competition. You should see who took the #3 spot.

Spider-Girl Saves the Day!

Or at least she saved Amazing Spider-Man Family, anyway. The book was on the verge of cancellation but when Spider-Girl joined the anthology book, sales went up. The book will be relaunched and retitled as Web of Spider-Man and we can expect more adventures from Mayday. Looks like we're stuck with the kid. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Spider-Man: The Movie Game Music

I usually don't post things that pertain to games in this blog but since this has to do with games AND Spidey, I figure it's all good.

The 2002 Spider-Man game, based off the Movie had music that was on par with the film it was based off of. Sure, it may not have been composed by Danny Elfman (he did the scores for the first two Spider-Man movies), but Michael McCuistion is no slouch in the music department. The man did work on music for some of the best cartoons of all time such as Batman Beyond, and Justice League Unlimited.

Despite what the album cover to the left says, there is no official soundtrack for the Spider-Man: The Movie game. One was never released and this is purely fan constructed, although very-well done and made to look as professional as possible. I always did enjoy the music from this game and it still rocks after all these years. So whether you're a fan of McCuistion's work, or you just want to hear some excellent music, this comes highly recommended.