Friday, July 11, 2008

Comics, 7-10-08

Back in 2007, I flipped through The Ultimate Spider-Man 100 Project. I probably should have picked it up then, but I just didn't feel like parting with $10 for it, even with my 25% discount on graphic novels at my comic store. Well I was in my shop today, and I didn't see much else I wanted to buy outside of Amazing Spider-Girl #22. They had two copies of USM100 Project, and remembering Bob's kind review of the book, I thought I'd added it to my collection of all things Spidey.

If you aren't aware, this book is basically a ton of different variant covers for the 100th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. There are covers from just about every well-known artist in the comic industry, including some not-so-well-know artists, at least to me. This is one of those books you can just pick, flipped through and appreciate all the sweet artwork. Not every cover is complete. Some are just sketched, but they still look nice. Even USM writer Brian Bendis contributed a cover. I highly recommend this book. $10 for a ton of variant covers is a steal and the artwork is topnotch.

Brand New May (May, not Day) continues to get better and better. If you missed the last issue of Amazing Spider-Girl, you missed out on some startling developments. The explosion that blew up in Peter's face in last issue is already creating a shift in his behavior. Sara thinks she may have picked the wrong side when she finds out the mutants she joined up with is led by Magenta, Magneto's daughter and one bad mofo that you don't wanna mess with. Humanity First is riding Davida about having the group be a part of their school. I'm just waiting for the stuff to hit the fan on this one. And Gene Thompson is being a punk as usual. He flirts with that skank Simon and then gets all ticked off when Wes is only concerned for Mayday? Look, Mayday, I know you want to do the right thing and make people happy, but Gene is just no good for you. Now, Wes? That boy is all kinds of rocking awesome. Get with him and make all the fans happy.

Oh and the big cliff hanger at the end of the issue? I'm not spoiling that. You'll have to see it for yourself.

ASG #22 also rocked for me because it marks the first time I've ever gotten my letter published in a comic. I was almost finished reading the book and thought I'd take a look at the letter page, and there was my letter. It really helped what was already a great day get even better. They probably could have printed a dozen of other letters. I can only imagine how many similar letters they get to the one I wrote, but seeing that they printed my letter? Wow. That's awesome. Not enough words I can think of to express how cool that is. Tom & Ron, thank you so much.


Robert J. Sodaro said...

Hey Reg, I just grabbed up my copy of ASG #22. Haven’t read it yet, but I did first read your letter (I never read the letters page first). Nice letter. Hopefully if enough folk write positive stuff to the good Spidey comics editorial will see what works and what doesn’t.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Thanks, Bob. When I was reading your letter in ASG #20, I stopped at "regular contributor at" because when I saw that, I had to glance down and see who wrote. Turns out it was you. =)

Tommy said... I've got to catch up to you guys, although my first letter may be in regards to BND and Amazing, which isn't as cool. :/