Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spidey Was In My Mail Box!

The awesome Spider-Man drawing you see to the right arrived for me in the mail on Friday afternoon. How did I get such a sweet pic? Well I subscribed to Todd's Art Blog and my name came up as his very first character commission. Basically, he asked me what I'd like a drawing of and I said Spidey. The picture to the right is what he came up with. I just had to pimp it here.

Todd's a wonderful artist who does a masterful job of mimicking Steve Ditko's style. Really, I cannot say enough about what an amazing artist Todd is. I can draw but I'm nowhere near on Todd's level.

I thought this drawing would be the only thing Todd would send. It was all I was expecting but Todd sent some extra stuff as well.

The picture above is the final of a drawing Todd had been working on for a while. Looking through his older blog posts I was able to see this baby when it was in black and white. Getting this was an unexpected bonus and so was the little beauty below.

Another fantastic piece by Todd. I love these things so much, I've decided to buy frames for all three of them and hang them on my walls. Thanks so much for these, Todd. You really made my day.


Anonymous said...

amazing with black spiderman, very strong with venom power
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Tommy said...

Wow!! That's extremely awesome that Todd sent you those!! (belaboring the obvious, but still!!!)


spideyfan said...

You should've asked for Batman pointing a gun toward Spider-Man; now that would be cool