Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wizard's Idea of Fixing Spidey Back in '97

Some 10 years ago, the staff of Wizard magazine thought Spidey was broken and that he needed to be fixed (why, oh why do we keep hearing this?). They brought up everything they thought was wrong, addressed how they thought things should be, how they were, and gave them each a grade. You can read the scanned article in it's entirety here.

Keep in mind that 1997 was only about a year or so after the Clone Saga, and many fans were still staying away in droves after that debacle. I agree with some things the article talks about, like death being permanent, but not much else. One of my favorite forum posters on the net, stillanerd, had this to say in regards to the article.

I've done a good job on keeping my word about not mentioning my distaste for the stories that we have now in Amazing Spider-Man since issue #546 came out. Having said that, it's hard not to read this article and not think about the current status quo of ASM. Everything in ASM is now "fixed" the way it "should" be in ASM but is the book really any better? In my humble opinion, eff no.

As stillanerd pointed out in his post, the elements mentioned in this Wizard article are just that, elements and they are some pretty old ones at that. By their logical (and the brain trust behind ASM), Spidey should never have deviated from any of these elements. On top of that, ASM can still have these elements and still end up sucking. Less focus on the elements, more focus on telling a good story that doesn't feel archaic because the writers are so caught up in maintaing said elements.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

I originally wasn't going to do a Thanks Giving Day post (even though it is one of my fav holidays) but when I saw the picture to the left, I couldn't resist. Just look at the size of that bird! They are gonna eat sooooooooooo good!

Have a happy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heya! Goku and the Gang Are Back!

If you can't read Japanese, the writing in the above picture translates to "Heya! Son Goku and Friends Return!!" which is the name of the new Dragon Ball OVA that was announced a few months ago.

I've actually seen this and while it's only 35 mintues and nothing extrordinary, it is pretty good. Written by Akira Toriyama, this story takes places 2 years after the defeat of Majin Boo. All the familiar faces are here along with some new ones.

What I really liked about this OVA was the amount of humor packed into it. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and it really took me back. It was more in the line of Dragon Ball before a Z was added to the title.

It's up on YouTube if you wanna check it out. I recommend you do.


Just follow the related videos from there. Enjoy!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hating on Clones

She's baaaaaaaaaaaack. Alica Ashby, the master of hate returns to give us her opinions on 13 Spidey stories that she loathes. This time, the stories are taken only from the Clone Saga, one of the darkest periods in Spidey's 44+ year history.

For those of you that just woke up from cryogenic suspension, the Clone Saga is a series of stories that was supposed to last only a few months but ended up spanning three years. That's right, three years. The reason it went on for as long as it did? The writers were told to make it last as long as they could because sales spiked. It probably woulda been in Marvel's best interest to stick to the first plan and just carry the story out over the span of a few months. Despite the fact that a really sweet comic called Spider-Girl came from one of Spidey's worst periods, Marvel would like to forget that the Clone Saga ever existed. For the few good stories that we did get in there, the Clone Saga is filled with uneeded, convoluted stories and Judas Traveler, arguably the worst villain in Spider-Man comics.

Like Alica's previous list, I don't agree with every story on here, but I do agree with most of them. And I actually did like Ben Reilly. Shame Marvel "had" to kill him to prove Peter was the real mccoy.

It's a good, hilarious read. Check it out if you feel like laughing so hard your sides will split open.

13 Dumb Stories from the Clone Saga

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So I was looking for a picture of Spider-Girl to go along with my previous blog entry and I found this. If you been living in a cave, the fellow in the Batsuit is Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne's offspring (long story) and successor to the Batman mantle. I like to think Terry and Mayday have a lot in common. Both are teenage heroes that have followed in ther parents footsteps and said parents have both been aprehensive about them continuing on in their costume identities at one point or another.

This looks like more of a versus pick than anything else. If these two did spar, I think the fight could go either way. Both were trained by two of the best heroes in the business. But like their parents, I'm pretty sure they'd end up working on the same side in a case or something. In fact, I'd love to see this team-up. Bruce Timm and Tom DeFalco need to talk.

Oh and you know that thing you do with the right clicking and saving with cool pics? Do that with this one.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spider-Girl Lives On!!!

Are you a fan of Spider-Girl but you're not buying Amazing Spider-Man Family? Well you may want to start dropping the $4.99 for ASMF every other month. Why? Because after Amazing Spider-Girl ends with issue #30 the stories will continue in the pages of ASMF.

Froggy - Please don't cancel Amazing Spider-girl! And if the series is gone, where else can we find Mayday Parker?

JQ- Froggy, while all good things must eventually come to an end, I'm going to make a big announcement here - - -

While Spider-Girl the comic is no more, you'll still be able to read her ongoing adventures as she'll be a feature in each issue of The Amazing Spider-Man Family.

I honestly didn't think Mayday will surive cancelation this time but I'm glad I was proven wrong. Looks like we're still stuck with the girl and I couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 Crappy Spidey Stoires

This was brought to my attention via e-mail and it gives me something to talk about in my blog, so here we are.

When you've been around for 45+ years like Spidey, you're bound to have some sub-par tales. Spidey has had many of theme but here are 12 that Spidey fan Alicia Ashby really tore to pieces, and by that, I mean she wrote an article that is every bit worthy of the words "ranting" or "rave." Not too many people can trash things with such a masterful hate, but Alicia does more than a commendable job. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

So what stories made the list? You'll have to see for yourself, but you can probably guess a few of them. Yes, THAT Spidey story is on the list and if you have to ask what "THAT" Spidey story is, turn in your geek card.

I may not agree with every story on this list but it was still a hilarious and interesting article, nonetheless, one that I highly recommend you read.

12 Spidey Stories that are made of suck

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11-4-08: History in the Making

Yesterday, I witnessed history being made as I'm sure many other people did. Even with a lot of people voting early, the lines for voting yesterday were huge. By far the 2008 presidential election has had the biggest voter turnout. Ever. Many people voted for the first time. When the final verdict came in, it was announced that Senator Barack Obama would be the next president of the United States of America. We now have our first African American president.

As an African American myself, I take great pride in this victory. It's hard not to be excited about it. I didn't vote for this year but I will say if I had voted, I would have voted for Obama but not because he's black. That's got nothing to do with it. I don't know a great deal about politics. In fact, I'm not democrat or republican. I'm for whoever I feel will do the best job. And my gut tells me Obama is the man for the job. And this is a vicotory for everyone. Yes, blacks are excited that he won, but as the man said, "this victory belongs to you." People from all walks of life and races voted for Obama. So I think everyone has reason to leap for joy.

As already mentioned, I saw the victory speech live and it was a pretty good speech. I don't get to see this kinda thing happen very often so it was pretty sweet. McCain took his loss pretty well and I applaud him for doing so.

Now whatever side of the fence you're on, I urge all of you to wish our future president the best. I was taught to pray for the leaders of America even if you did not vote for them. As Obama said in his speech, we are all one. We're in this thing together. We fall and rise as a nation. Like McCain said, we are not quiters. We will keep on fighting. We are unified and that's why we are the United States of America, the greatest country in the world.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Profiling Kenshin

I finished reading Rurouni Kenshin a few years back but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally got around to reading a gift from a buddy of mine: Rurouni Kenshin Profiles.

RK Profiles is a 411 book on the characters in the RK manga series. Spanning the first two story arcs of RK, the book gives info about each character, their techniques and fighting styles. One of the things I've always liked about RK was that despite it being a fictional story, it was based around events that actually shaped Japan before, during and after the Meji era. This book also tells you about what types of food, clothing and other natural resources that that coming to Japan and when they showed up. So on top of getting facts about the cast and crew of RK, you can also learn a lot of other stuff.

Even if you've already read RK, you should still check out RK Profiles. There's also a timeline detailing the events and births of the key characters in RK and some colored Shonen Jump covers of RK that you won't see in the regular 28 volumes of the series. Sure, if you go browsing the net you can find them, but it sure is nice to see them on actual paper.

I got my copy for free, but I'd still pay the $14.99 if my friend hadn't gotten this for me as a gift. If you're into RK, pick this book up.