Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dave's Web Comics

Ah, web comics. You gotta love 'em. One of my favorites is The Incomplete Ninja, or TIN for short. TIN is written and drawn by Dave Stanworth. The art is on the simple side but that isn't a negative. This comic, while on the gory side is a laugh riot and the less detailed art is pretty fitting.

I take it everyone knows what SNAFU stands for, so I won't bother getting into that. Dave's other web comic is called SNAFU and is primarily a strip that deals with video games. Dave doesn't really stick to one style with this comic. It has evolved over the years but it continues to change. Be warned that this comic can get pretty vulgar so if you're easily offended, you may not wanna read this.

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Tommy said...

I'll probably make a few more trips there to read everything.