Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why So Serious?

I'll bet you were expecting some scribbles on the upcoming Dark Knight Movie or some pictures of Heath Ledger as the Joker. I merely wanted to use the Joker's famous tag line to address some new comics that I've gotten into.

Mention comic books to someone and more than likely heroes like Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman spring to mind. You know, comics that deal with serious, heavy issue story lines. And really, you can't blame someone for thinking like that because DC and Marvel's heavy hitters are what occupy a lot of space in comic shops. I like the serious stuff as much as the next guy and maybe I'd read more of it if I could afford to. However, I can be guilty of forgetting that comic books can also be the source of the best medicine: laughter.

One of the comics available on Free Comic Book Day was Tiny Titans #1. It wasn't one of the freebies I chose to take, but I did read a few of the stories and found them to be pretty amusing. When I went into pick up some new comics on Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a few issue of Tiny Titans #4 on the table. I picked it up and also found a copy of Tiny Titans #3 on the rack of back issues. Sure, Tiny Titans may be accused of being a rip-off of Mini-Marvels but this is some pretty hilarious stuff so I could care less about those kind of accusations. Anyone else who picks up this book and takes a look would probably agree. I'm surprised Marvel hasn't branched out in full comic book format with Mini-Marvels. It sure beats the single page stuff. Tiny Titans is also easy on the wallet, costing only $2.25 per issue. (Remember the days when comics cost that much? It was only about five years ago.)

Even more surprises were on the back issue rack. I found a copy of Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving. I got a kick out of Not-So-Secret Invasion so I decided I'd pick up whatever one-shot book Reed and Sue's kid stars in.

I guess I have a bit of a soft spot for these kinds of comics. I love the more simplistic artwork and you can jump in with any issue. The comics being easy reading also doesn't hurt. I may be getting closer to 30 but my inner child is still alive and well. If you like to laugh, you should pick up Franklin Richards and Tiny Titans.


Tommy said...

Is that Herbie next to Franklin?

Reggie White Jr. said...

Yes, that's Herbie. They can't seem to do a Franklin comic without him. Which doesn't bother me at all. =)