Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lots of Comics

Over the last week or so, I've amassed a nice stack of comics that I'm working on reading. I just wanted to pimp my Spidey buys so this isn't everything I've picked up.

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #50, vol. 2 has been a pretty elusive comic for me. I've never seen it in the back issue boxes and I was afraid I'd have to buy a trade paper back if I ever wanted to read this one. Fortunately, I found a copy for $1.50 at Half Price Books. Not only is this a double sized issue, but its also written by Paul Jenkins and drawn by Mark Buckingham, two of my favorite guys to ever work on Spidey.

I'd been wondering about Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8. My comic shop had one copy for $2.75 and I'd been a bit intrigued by the story involving the Gwen Stacy Clone. Someone had posted some pages from this story on the net, which was enough to make me finally drop the chump change the book cost. What really did it for me were the bits where Peter deals with Gwen 2's return and how this affects Mary Jane.
Seems like its been an eternity since I picked up a book in the regular Spectacular line. I scored Spectacular Spider-Man #260-261, which contain parts two and three of teh Goblins at the Gate story. Regrettably they didn't have part one but I decided to take what I can get and for $1.50 each, I'm not complaining. Both covers for these issues are done by none other than John Romita Sr., and he still produces some of the finest artwork in the business.


spideyfan said...

I have the upper two issues, I love "PPSPM v2 #50". TPB isn't bad, at least you have a hard cover for it.

I took "SSPM Annual #08" just because "spiderfan" & "samruby" shown that the artist is "Ultimate Mark Bagley", after reading it I got really dissapointed. I opened a thread about it in CBC in toonzone.

"SSPM #260 & #261": I saw the covers and the impression I had immediately is: Wow, this is the art of my favorite John Romita sr.

I may get these issues of Spectacular soon, but I read digital comics.

Tommy said...

That Annual story is one of the things that confuses me more about the Sins Past storyline.

From what I read about Sins Past, Mary Jane knew about Gwen being pregnant with Norman's kid, so why in the heck would she feel threatened in this manner instead of bitter. Makes no sense.

Without Sins Past, this and other things make more sense.

As much as Mary Jane would have grown by this point, I'd figure there would be a part that resents Gwen for betraying Peter and hence would look down on her.

Anyways, just in case, that is really the Gwen clone and not Joyce Delany. Forget what Dreamweaver thinks, she's probably smoking crack. The follow-up story to this is in Web of Spider-Man #125 (Story 2).

The faux follow-up to this Annual was in Spectacular Spider-Man #149, where Peter ponders about Carrion's identity. And while that issue should have been the end of Pete having these thoughts and feelings about Gwen that were in that Annual, it tends to be picked up again every so often. :/

Reggie White Jr. said...

Upon reading the SSM #08 Annual, I also found it was disappointing. What ruined it for me was all the nonsense concerning the Young Gods. They took up way too much space and seemed like nothing more than filler to me. I wrote a review for it last night after I read it.

I've always favored MJ over Gwen, largely because of the way Gwen had devolved in the Lee/Romita era. I could go on, but that's a blog entry for another day.

spideyfan said...

I have the three parts of "Goblin Gate", Digital.

It's great to see that Norman was stopping Kingsley from unmasking Spider-Man, and how Roderick figured that Norman knew it for some time.

Todd Merrick Novak (aka beanlynch) said...

It's a shame that the internal art on the Hobgoblin issues weren't nearly as good as the cover. Almost every appearance of the original Hobgoblin has top notch consistent art. These, which essentially end the saga, don't fit with the others artwise. These are on my list of comics that I would like to redraw if I had eternal time on my hands.