Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iron Man Wednesday

So I found out that some friends of mine got some tickets to see the sneak preview of Iron Man on Wednesday. Naturally, I was pretty stoked for the them and was looking forward to hearing about how awesome the movie was after they'd seen it. Imagine my surprise when one of my friends calls me up and asks if I had any plans for Wednesday evening. I wasn't doing anything, one of their friends had to bail for whatever reason so they had an extra ticket and guess who got it?

Despite Iron Man being a major player in the Marvel universe, I knew very little about his origin. Thankfully, I was brought up to speed a few weeks ago by watching a DCompose YouYube video on Iron Man. Thanks to Kevin's video, I knew about Tony Stark's origin and the different Iron Man armors.

So how was the actually movie? Well I was kind of afraid it would bomb as I sat in the theater with my friends, waiting for the movie to start. The moment Robert Downey Jr. started talking, I was sucked in. I really don't know much about Downey Jr. but the guy seemed to emit such a high spark that really brought the character of Tony Stark to life. I laughed out loud many times as did everyone around me in the theater. If I were to sum up Iron Man in two words those two words would be "It rocks!"

As far as origin's go, the movie sticks pretty close to the original Tales of Suspense #39 comic. There's no Vietnam, but Tony is at a weapon's testing sight, gets caught in an explosion and gets captured by the enemy. Being a huge comic book nerd, I got a huge kick out of seeing the original Iron Man costume on the screen. Yes, it's clunky and dull in the color department when compared to it's successors, but seeing Tony kill his capturers in that thing was really sweet!

The supporting cast members also did a terrific job. Gwyneth Paltrow played the roll of Tony's secretary Pepper Pots and even though Tony is a playboy, there seemed to be a bit of chemistry between the two and it was really nice to see that make it on the screen. At first I thought Terrance Howard was cast wrong to play the part of James Rhodes, but after seeing him on screen for a while, it became clear that they really did make the right choice in casting him. Here's hoping we'll see him in the War Machine suit for the sequel.

I don't want to give away too much, so all you really need to know is this: Iron Man is a superb film, one of the greatest movies out this year, and one of the best super hero films I've ever seen. If you're want to be both entertained and amazed, you'll like this movie. Oh and Stan Lee's cameo is hilarious in this film.

I received a free Iron Man poster from a friend of mine that works at my comic shop. The poster is the picture above with the three Iron Man suits Tony wears. Everyone that got to see the sneak preview was also give some free comics. One was the Hulk/Iron Man Sampler, which I already had. My friend gave me his free comic, which was Avengers Classics #3. My favorite wall-crawler makes a cameo in this issue.

You know, I'm really not a movie person. The last time I was at the movie was when I was vacationing with my uncle and that was back in 1994. This just seemed too good to pass up and I had a great time.


spideyfan said...

Is the name of the villain something you care to share with us or is it something you consider best obscured for those who didn't see the movie?

Tommy said...

From what I read, I think Obidiah Stane is in the film, but I don't know if he's the primary villain or not.

I still have to see it myself.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I honestly can't remember the villain's name but he did a great job at being the bad guy.