Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Week's Haul

No new comics of interest were at my shop when I went there on Friday, nor was there anything on hold for me in my file. Perfect opportunity for me to fill in the gaps, and man do I have a lot of gaps to fill.

At first I was going to pick up some old Amazing Spider-Man issues from the early '90s. You know, the stuff that came before the Clone Saga. There were a lot of multi-issue story arcs back then so I decided to head on over to the dollar bins and finally pick of those issues from Mark Millar's run on Marvel Knights Spider-Man. I'd picked up the first two issues a good while ago and this is a story arc I'd been wanting to finish for a long time now. I could have bought the hard cover, but when you can get the actual issues for dirt cheap, you may as well go that route.

Anyway, I was able to get issues #4-#9 for $1 each. Issue 3 wasn't in the dollar bin so I had to pay the regular price for it but I always get to 10% off my purchases, so its all good.

Kraven. Some love him, some hate him. Personally, he's always been one of my favorite characters in Spider-Man's world. JM DeMatties, one of my all-time fav Spidey writers is probably the best man that has ever written Kraven so I doubt I need to gush on how awesome Kraven's Last Hunt is. So getting DeMatties to write the The Sensational Spider-Man '96 Annual, which retells Kraven's first hunt had to be a no-brainer. I haven't read it yet, but I've flipped through it and it reminds me of Amazing Spider-Man #15, vol. 1, the issue where Kraven first appeared. You have Kraven, Chameleon, Spidey, and the usual Peter Parker drama. What more could you want? The fact that the book was rated 4/5 at certainly added to my decision to pick this book up. The only thing I'm not too sure about is Shawn McManus's artwork. I didn't dig it in in the Peter Parker: Spider-Man '97 Annual and I'm not too sure if I'll like it here.

Backs issue racks seem to keep smiling on me because I found my third issue of the Franklin Richards one-shot books. It may be a bit bold to say this, but I think the misadventures of Franklin and H.E.R.B.I.E. are one of the best things to happen to comics. Franklin Richards: Fall Football Fiasco has the same oddball antics I've come to expect from this series. There's another Franklin Richards book coming out in August and I've decided to add this series to my file at my comic shop along with Tiny Titians. What can I say? Cute, funny comics rule.


Tommy said...

There were some nice touches in that Kraven story that connected it to what eventually happened.

The teaser images for the upcoming BND issues make me leery or what eventually happened with Kraven.

In the preview image, Kraven's grave reads as it did *Before* his soul is saved by Pete in the Soul of the Hunter graphic novel.

After that story, his grave is supposed to read, "Kraven the Hunter Free at Last".

These days, I wouldn't be surprised if Kraven's death was undone, but I get the feeling it may just be a red herring that he's back, just to make controversy.

I suppose we'll know soon enough.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I forgot about the upcoming story relating to Kraven in some ways. Man, can't they let the guy rest in peace? To me, he's one of those sacred dead characters. Of course I could just be jumping to conclusions but in the screwed up BND, world, who knows?