Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Goblin Came Back

So I just finished watching "The Uncertainty Principle," the 9th episode of Spectacular Spider-Man. In the words of Spider-Man from "Catalysts," I have to say "Wow. Just... wow."

Ironically this episode takes place on Halloween, the one day out of the year where many people wear masks, which served to strengthen this episode. When everyone runs around in a costume, it can be hard to tell who's who, or who is real and who is facade.

When the Green Goblin's mask finally came off, it was revealed to be... Harry Osborn? The boy's addiction to the green goo climaxed in this episode as he is seen really losing it near the end, throwing his father across the room. He took the formula because he was tired of not fitting in at school, getting good grades and he wanted the love and respect that his father never gave him. The scene near the end of the episode where Harry just breaks down is very moving and was the icing on an already delicious cake.
I'm still not totally convinced Harry is the Goblin. Norman seemed very concerned for his son, but how do we know it wasn't just an act? That being said, even if Harry is the Goblin, I really wouldn't complain because all the episodes the Goblin has been in have been so well done, and this one just topped it all off. I commend the team behind Spec Spidey for tackling an issue like addiction on a Saturday morning cartoon. It never came off as forced and it was very compelling. Bravo, guys.
As always, Peter's mingling with his friends and classmates was a treat. Gwen and MJ were both looking for Peter. Gwen wanted to talk to Peter about Harry, and MJ? Well, who knows what she wanted with our wall-crawling hero. She gave Flash the classic MJ brush off, telling him she's a "free agent." I find it interesting that even though she's a free girl, she seems to have her eyes on Peter. She even flirted with him in this episode, telling him that he looked good in his skin tight Spidey suit, which seem to draw a rather icy look from Gwendolyn. Oooo, looks like we could get those Betty & Veronica moments I've been craving after all, especially since MJ now goes to Peter's school (saw it coming a mile away) and Harry will be out of the picture for a while.

Jameson wouldn't take Peter's photo's of Spidey battling the Green Goblin so Peter took them to the Bugle's rival, the Globe, which lead to the Bugle getting scooped, despite their story of the successful space shuttle landing. Jonah was so furious that he told Robbie to bring Peter to the Bugle and chain him up to make him exclusive to the Bugle. The paper's next headline: Spider-Man, Hero or Menace? Hmmm...

Oh and Black Cat's cameo was great. Totally did not see that one coming. Nice job, guys.!

If that wasn't enough on our plate, John Jameson seems to have brought back an unexpected visitor in the form of a black alien goop. I believe we all know where this is going and my excitement for this amazing cartoon continues to grow.


spideyfan said...

Will you remove all your reviews of the episodes to a different blog when the show ends? A blog opened just for reviews of the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series? Or are you going to keep your reviews in this blog?

Reggie White Jr. said...

Oh I plan to keep all my reviews on this blog. I love blogging about this show. =)

Tommy said...

Hmm...this episode definitely makes you question things, long-term fan or not.

Did they go a different route and have Harry be the Goblin first?

Or, was Norman playing everyone masterfully?

Here's one way it could have went down...

Let's say Harry hurt his leg off-scene, which Norman noted. When Spidey is getting too close, he feigns being hurt in the battle, knowing Spider-Man will follow him.

Before he gets there, he takes advantage of Harry's state and dresses him in the costume.

Another possibility is the Winkler machine, which is how the Hobgoblin threw people off track and was able to get people to think Ned was the Hobgoblin, instead of a stand-in.

The main problem with this plan, is Norman would have to lay low for a while, otherwise, Spidey would come swinging back.

My guess though, is that Norman plans to learn who Spider-Man is, to prepare himself for that contingency.

Essentially a stalemate, where if one reveals the identity of the other, that person would be able to take the other one down.

spideyfan said...

Harry was putting this stuff in his system since episode 5, but was only shown since episode 7.

Harry had blackouts after sipping the formula everytime, Gwen discovered that in episode 8.

Before putting the fluid in his mouth; harry putted the tube infront of his eye and the Goblin eye appeared.

Goblin injured his leg and Spider-Man didn't hesitate to follow him, Norman didn't have enough time to change and do something about his injured leg.

Norman faced the Goblin and Harry threw him a distance far, Harry wasn't able to go high on the rope in episode 4, he fell quickly.

Tommy said...

With the last part, I'm still suspect due to the Winkler Machine.

It hasn't come out in the show, but it has been used several times in the comics.

The other possibility is that Harry was indeed the Goblin first, and Norman modifies the formula before he takes it.