Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spider-Girl's World

Last week during Free Comic Book Day, I picked up my very first issues of Spider-Girl. The books I picked up were #7 and #62 and I found them in the 25 cents bin.

I haven't read issue #62 yet as it is the middle of a six part story arc, but issue #7 was fantastic and served for a great jump on point. Mayday was rushing to prevent a fight from between two of her classmates when she got delayed by Darkdevil and Nova. Darkdevil was testing Spider-Girl as he doesn't think she has what it takes to give her all to the super hero lifestyle. Unfortunately Mayday arrived too late and one of her classmates was sent to the hospital. Naturally this weighs on May's shoulders because she is the daughter of Peter Parker.

My comic shop didn't have any copies of Amazing Spider-Girl #19, so I picked up the last copy that Borders had. In this issue our female wall-crawler meets up with Arana and the two do battle. What do I know about Arana? Nothing, really. I've heard of her but I know jack squat about the character. Not that it really mattered because it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the story one bit, nor did my not reading the previous issues. So this was a good jump on point for ASG. The fight between the two arachnids was pretty cool and I loved Mayday's interactions with the supporting cast.

So yeah, Spidey's kid is pretty awesome. Written by one of my favorite Spider writers (Tom Defalco) and drawn by some of the best artists (Pat Olliffe, Ron Frenz), it would be pretty hard for me not to like Spider-Girl. Like her father, Mayday is easy to relate to (before the One More Day Brand New Day crap) and she has all the typical teenage hangups one would expect. Seeing Peter take a backseat and be a supporting character is different, but a welcome change, since this book is about his offspring and he makes for a terrific dad.

There's been news that Amazing Spider-Girl is only good until issue 30 so I'm really hop the series doesn't get canceled. The book has been faced with cancellation in the past but fans have been able to keep it going so I hope the book pulls through once more. I picked up ASG #15-16 the other day and I fully intend to pick up the original SG series. They've got me hook, line and sinker.


Tommy said...

Yeah, Spider-Girl is a very cool series. I've gotten very behind in it though. :(

Some issues you may want to specifically get if you don't go in exact order, are Spider-Girl #10 - 11, 17, 20, 25, and 27.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I was able to get SG #17 for a $1. My comic shop does have SG #25. I may have to shop around for the other issues.