Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Season two of the Spectacular Spider-Man has already began airing over in Canada. I thought I'd have to wait until March to see it, but through the power of the internet, I was able to see the first episode. If you want to wait until March to find out what went down in the first episode, don't click that link, and don't read any further. If ya don't mind spoilers, or if ya wanna know what I thought, then read on.

"Blueprints" (the episode title) sets up a lot of plots right from the get go. Peter is looking for Eddie, who disappeared after losing the symbiote, he's struggling on getting the words out on what to say to Gwen, who just let the cat out of the bag about her feelings for Peter, and then there's the introduction of Mysterio, one of Spidey's earliest villains from the comics.

Mysterio has never been portrayed so magnificently in animation form. Ever. Here he's got people thinking he's a scorcerer, even going as to spout of latin phrases before zapping people with his cheap palor tricks. After his first battle (and a conversation with Liz), Spidey was able to see through Mysty's tricks. Speaking of battles, the action sequences in this first episode were mindblowingly awesome. The first season had stellar action animation and if this episode is an indication, season two raises the bar even further. At one point, Spidey blind folds himself so he can let his spider-sense distinguish between the real threats and the false ones. The fight even shifts locations via stage scenes. We go to a bar room brawl with Mysterio robots to a space station on the moon. The music even changes to fit each scene shift. Very nice.

Like any good magician, Mysterio doesn't get caught. Oh sure, we see Spidey apprehending someone who looks like Quintin Beck, but it is later revealed that he was never captured. To make things even more interesting, he and the Tinkerer are working for someone called The Master Planner. Anyone who read the comics knows who I'm talking about.

The non action scenes are always entertaining in this show and Peter's life continues to be full of interesting events. Peter gets his lab job at the Connor's ESU lab back (I had a feeling this might happen) and Norman Osborn wants to play the role of a mentor, much to Peter's reluctance. Miles Warren even showed up in this episode! I was tottally not expecting that. I just hope he stays away from Gwendy.

As for Gwen, well she's having a hard time talking to Peter since she locked lips with him at the end of the previous season. Still, it's clear that Peter does show signs of returning her feelings. There's a cute scene of the two of them looking at each other, trying not to catchy the other looking. It's full of smiles and Mary Jane looking on in delight from the sidelines. I like how MJ and Gwen have become friends in this series and MJ seems to be rooting for Peter and Gwen to get together. Kinda makes the future of Peter and MJ getting together more ironic, at least to me anyway. I do hope this show goes on beyond this season because I really want to see just how MJ develops feelings for Peter.

Gwen isn't the only girl seeking to win Peter's affections. While Peter and Gwen were trading smiles in bio, Liz was looking on and her expression suggested that she wanted to choke Gwen. Seriously. Women can be scary when chasing after men. But Liz has already made her move on Petey, getting him to tutor her for the upcoming final in bio. Gwen is gonna have to step up her game even further.

I also think I saw Sha-Shan with Mary Jane and Gwen at the begining of this episode. Will she get together with Flash? Who knows, either way, I'm excited to see her on the show. And Stan Lee's cameo was priceless. First episode of season two and things are already kicking into high gear. Kraven shows up next week. If I see the ep, I'll have another review up.


spideyfan said...

They changed the supporting cast in the freaking intro, where's M.J?
What's Liz & Norman!!! got to do in it? They're becoming regulars?

Reggie White Jr. said...

Not sure what's going on with that.

Tommy said...

I'm figuring Norman due to the mentoring thing and Liz since the season previews indicate that she and Gwen are both going to be Pete's love interests.

Hopefully MJ makes it back in there, but something tells me that won't be until another season perhaps.