Friday, January 16, 2009

Naruto In Beast Mode

So yeah, I've read chapter 431 of Naruto. To say the thing is awesome would almost be an understatement. I thought Naruto was doing serious business in the previous chapter, but that was merely his light work. The Naruto in chapter 431 is like a completely different person from the one I've read up til now, at least on the battlefield. Naruto is giving orders on what to do, keeping a clear head, and acting like an adult. I like the goofy Naruto, but the serious Naruto in chapter 431 is just so many levels up epic win. This is the Naruto I have always wanted to see. He is the only one that can deal with the threat that Konoha is facing right now.

Right from the start, one of the Pains summons a rhino and Naruto just stands there, totally unfazed while this behemoth charges at him. Naruto stops the creature in it's tracks, grabs it by the horn and throws it up in the air. That's right, he threw that rhino up in the air with his bare hands. Two more summons were sent after Naruto and he quickly creates two clones, makes two mega sized Rasengans and hits the beasts with them. Next, he throws a punch at one of the Pains that misses, but because of Naruto's ability to gather natural energy in sage mode, the pain still takes damage and is sent flying back by sheer force of wind. If I were the bad guys and I saw Naruto do that stuff, I would wet and crap myself at the same time.

Naruto is now the strongest ninja in his village. Some are saying he may even have blown past Sasuke and after reading this chapter twice, I don't find it hard to believe. He has a far better grasp on sage mode than Jiraiya did so I'd wager that he can do a lot more in his current form. If anyone ever disses the character of Naruto again, just show them the image below.


spideyfan said...

Brother, the sage Chakara is much more powerful than the beast mode

Reggie White Jr. said...

Beast mode was just a term I wanted to use for this entry. I take it you read this chapter as well?

spideyfan said...

Doubtlessly yes, I read the current chapter