Monday, January 31, 2011

Watch Your Mouth

I'm not one to spout profanity and those that do, that's perfectly within your first amendment rights. However, I do believe in being careful with what you say around children and this is something I'm always being reminded of by Ava and Nakiah, my two nieces.

Again, I don't swear but there have been some words I've had to practice not saying while I'm around them. They haven't given me the full list (yet), but thus far, I've found that no one in the house is allowed to say the following.


Yes, as silly as it may sound I'm not allowed to use the word "crud," which is actually one of my favorite words. Every time anyone in the household says the above words, we'll immediately get corrected for it. "You're not allowed to say that," Ava will tell us and we'll apologize. Being a gamer and death being a large part of gaming, I've had to replace my usual words of dying with the girl's term "done for." I wonder if "doom" is acceptable.

The funny thing is, this isn't something mom and dad taught them. No, they picked this up all by themselves and everyone in the house respects their wishes. I'm sure they'll probably grow out of it eventually and start using these words later on in life, but for now, I'm proud of them for putting a limit on what can and can't be said at such a young age.

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