Monday, January 24, 2011

I Still Like to Read Books

No matter how far the internet has progress and despite all it has given us, I firmly believe there will always be a place for printed materials. I spend a great deal of time reading articles on my PC and as much as I love it, there's nothing like having a book or magazine in your hands. The feel of the pages, being able to take the book anywhere you want (I don't have a laptop yet), laying on the sofa, reading to your own music, it's all very relaxing.

Before the boom of the internet, and even after, one of my favorite things to read were video game magazines. I took them to school, to work, just about everywhere. I think the last time I had a subscription to a game magazine was when I moved into my first apartment. For whatever reason I didn't re-subscribe, but I still picked up magazines off the news stands and flipped through them. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I saw a copy of Retro Gamer (a magazine I never thought I'd actually hold in my hands) that I was reminded of just how much I loved to read game magazines. When I'm able to, I think I'm gonna subscribe to Retro Gamer.

I've also got an extensive manga collection. It would be even larger but I'd put my money towards other things. The last manga I did pick up were the Mega Man Megamix titles. At $12.95, they run higher than what I'm used to getting but it was worth every penny. I still have to finish the interviews and character profiles from Megamix vol. 2 before I can move onto vol. 3. Now that I have a portable mp3 player, I'll be able to read Megamix while I listen to Mega Man jams away from my computer.

Further proof that books will always be around in print, just about any time I go into a Borders or Barns & Noble, there's a good chunk of people inside. Some things are just irreplaceable, even by technology.

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