Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Portobal Music Players FTW

Once again I am late to the party. While just about everyone else I know has had a portable music player in some form or another (iPod, iPhone, etc.) for years, I wasn't able to get in on the act until a few weeks ago.

My mom, sweet lady that she is, let me pick out any on-the-go music device of my choosing. Originally, I had my heart set on an iPod. I'd wanted one for a few years now but when I went looking online for prices on how much green a meatier iPod would cost (80-120 GB), I had no intention of having my mom spend $250-$300 on little ol' me. Looking for an alternative, I settled for the Philips GoGear ViBE 4GB MP3 Player.

Let me just say that going out walking while I hear the music of my choice is AWESOME! Seriously. I know it may sound like I'm overreacting over a simple thing as an mp3 player, but as a huge music lover, being able to hear what I want, when I want is a Godsend. I don't know how I got by without one of these babies. I can exercise to Yuzo Koshiro's Streets of Rage albums, or go walking to various versions of Guile's theme from Street Fighter. It does go with anything, after all.

Nearly all of the music on my mp3 player is that of video game tunes ("geek music" as I often call it) and even though my storage space is only that of 4GB, I'm still able to get many of my favorite jams on here. In the event that I ever do fully fill the thing up (given my HUGE music library, this is more than likely to happen), I can just swap my playlists in and out.

Somewhere down the line, I'll probably get an mp3 player with more storage space, but for now, I'm pretty content with what I have. Even when I do upgrade, I think I'll still hang onto the GoGear ViBE. Sentimental value and all that.


Darcel @The Mahogany Way said...

I should get one of these. Or at least get some music on my phone.

Reggie said...

Nice post Reg