Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Guy In Town

I've been living in Virginia Beach for two weeks now, and yet it still feels a little strange. I suppose it takes some time to fully adjust when you've lived in one place for most of your life and then you move somewhere else. I'm not sweating it too much. I might not look like it, but I'm a fighter so I'll survive.

Thankfully, the part of VA Beach that I'm staying in is really nice. The neighborhood is quiet, clean, and a lot of good stores are within walking distance. Speaking of walking, one of the first things I did during my first week here was take a walk around town during the noon/evening hours. I still had a lot going through my head and I wanted to familiarize myself with the town. After a few days at it, I was finally able to get back to my apartment without getting lost. Yaay, me.

The weather here is really nice. Yeah, it does get cold but not as cold as Ohio. Also, the spring weather shows up real early here. Today, it got up to near 60, something I noticed after I already had on all my warm clothes when I went out walking.

One thing I'm kinda bummed about having to do is get a new job and make new friends. Job hunting is never fun and I loved my previous job. I wish I could have brought it and all my co workers with me. Same goes for all my friends.

"I have to make new friends." That sounds sorta pathetic coming out of the mouth of a man who is twenty nine and a half years old. Just thinking about that makes me sigh. I'm keeping in touch with all my old friends via facebook, but I'll still have to go through the whole friend-making process again. Oh well, I know I'll make new pals. What would really be nice if all the cute, pretty, and or hot female friends I'll make aren't attached this time around.

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