Saturday, January 15, 2011

Toy Nostalgia

For a while now, I'd been thinking about getting reacquainted with some of the old toys I grew up with. What clinched it was when my brother-in-law Charles brought home a ton of cars for my nieces to play with.

I think most of the cars were of the Hot Wheels brand, but there were also some from Matchbox. There isn't a single guy I know that has not played with cars at some point when they were children. As I watched my nieces play and look at the cars, I was reminded of how much fun I had when I was a kid playing with cars. It made me recall the famous Hot Wheels track Criss Cross Crash track.

It also got me thinking of another brand of toy car I loved. These weren't as popular as Hot Wheels, but I always thought they were still awesome in their own right. Remember the Turbo Tricksters? Pull 'em back and watch 'em speed off, or pop a penny in the back and watch 'em do tricks. I even have fond memories of sneaking those things into school to show off to my friends. Ah, those were some good times.

More than Hot Wheels and Turbo Tricksters, my all-time favorite toy has got to be Legos. There are so many different sets of Legos out today, but even when I was a kid, there was still a lot them. Sometimes I would just flipped through the Lego catalogs my sister and I got with our Lego sets, see other Legos and salivate over those. Of course our own collection was nothing to scoff at. We had fire Legos, police Legos, town Legos, Black Trons, and some of my absolute favorite, pirate Legos.

Lately, I've been thinking of buying a few Lego sets here and there to build and display. I'll mostly stick to smaller sets, maybe buy a bigger set every now and then. I'll probably buy some Hot Wheels cars from time to time, too. And yeah, some Turbo Tricksters.


Darcel said...

We loved our Lego's. Check out this website

I would love to get more for the girls. You know the set they have was our old set?

Reggie said...

Remembering is good.