Friday, December 26, 2008

Thoughts On Dragon Ball: Evolution

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah, so I so saw the trailer for Dragon Ball: Evolution a few weeks ago. I should have made a blog entry about my thoughts on it a lot sooner but I've been busy doing other things.

So what are my impressions on the trailer? Well as far as special effects go, it looks like it'll be pretty sweet. It also looks like there will be some solid martial arts actions in there. The film seems to have some topnotch actors on board as well. I mean, we've got Chow Yun friggin' Fat as Master Roshi. There's some hot babe playing Bulma, and hot babes in movies are always a good thing.

Concerning things outside of special effects and the actors, it looks like they Americanized the heck out of Dragon Ball. I know I'm only going off what I've seen from the trailer, but a live-action DB movie has always made me cringe. Some things just aren't mean to be live-action and for all the good this movie has going for it that I listed above, I just have a feeling this movie will bomb horribly. Of course I could be wrong. After all, I thought Transformers was going to be poo and I ended up enjoying that flim so much that I bought the 2 disc special edition DVD. At least Goku doesn't make my ears bleed when she says the name of his trademark move in the tralier like he does in the Japanese version of the anime.


spideyfan said...

One "Bullet Proof Monk" acts as.......THE PERVERTED OLD SNOT?

He won't touch Bulma's butt or boobs? If he doesn't this really would make him out of character but I can't see "Show Young Fat" being this nasty. Maybe I can; actors do dirty stuff in front of a lense

Reggie White Jr. said...

Roshi trying to hit on Bulma will be totally up to how they portray the character in the film. I agree he should be the perverted old man he is in the anime/manga.

spideyfan said...

I actually fear that Mr. Fat would be pervert, don't want to hate the good old monk

Tommy said...

I'm figuring he'll be quasi-perveted in the film. Maybe he'll show interest in Bulma, but he won't go to the extremes he did in the show.