Monday, December 1, 2008

Dubs vs Subs

Oh no, I didn't. I did not just bring up the immortal argument of dubs vs. subs. Wait, is that what it says up? There? Yup, it is. Looks like I did bring it up. Despite what you might think, I don't actually participate in this argument very often, if at all. I prefer to watch my anime in dubbed form and leave it at that, but I'm well aware that many people stick to subs. However, many sub fans often bash even the best of dubs and for ludicrous reasons. But I didn't bring up this topic to rant. I'm going to let someone else do that because they've done a superb job.

Gantz Spoof FanDUB

This video brings up excellent points, ones I've never seen mentioned whenever the topic of dubs vs. subs is brought up. It's also downright hilarious.


spideyfan said...

The orginal voices & talking of the characters is better, always choose the subs and forget the dubs.

My humble point of view

Tommy said...

I can go either way, but in the case of DBZ, definitely dub. The character feel more epic to me that way.

Dan Green as the Pharaoh in Yu-gi-Oh is also damn awesome.

PerfectDru said...

I prefer a good dub over a good sub, but I like a good sub more than a lousy dub.

I never really cared if the characters' lips match the voices, but it seems like a lot of American dub producers are really concerned with the timing. Sometimes that makes for some really awkward performances.

Tommy said...

Something I've wondered, is if they compensate by looping a talking animation.

So if they can't fit something in, they loop a bit and then go to the frames where the mouth stops moving.