Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have Some Cowa! It's Good For You!

When one hears Akira Toriyama's name, they more than likely think of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z because that's his most popular creation. His other works may not be on the same scale as his martial arts master piece, but you should still check 'em out. Really, there hasn't been a manga that I've read by the man that I haven't enjoyed and Cowa! is no exception.

Cowa! isn't really anything new to me. I read the first three chapters a few years back via internet manga scans. I read in an issue of Shonen Jump that the manga was going to be getting an official translated release. I've had my copy for a few months now but I didn't get around to reading the thing until a few weeks ago and I just finished it.

Spanning only a single volume, Cowa! tells the story of monster Paifu and his fellow ghoul's adventure in retrieving a vacine for Monster Flu, a virus that could make all of the monsters in their hometown extinct. Maruyama, an unpleasant human begrudingly helps the monster kids on their quest. Choosing solitude over friendship, Maruyama has to depend on the help from Paifu and his friends and in the end, he's a done a near complete 180.

Yes, Cowa! is a tale of adventure and friendship. This is touted as a kid's book, but I honestly think adults will dig it, too. If you're in the mood for a one-shot manga and like Akira Toriyama's work, Cowa! is highly recommended.


spideyfan said...

When I hear Akira Touriama I remember Dr. Slump as well, not just DBZ

Tommy said...

Heh, that guy has the same sort of outfit as Laharl from Disgaea. I wonder if Cowa influenced Laharl's design in any way.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Someone else knows the excellence that is Dr. Slump! That's a terrific manga. I need to finish it someday.