Friday, November 21, 2008

Hating on Clones

She's baaaaaaaaaaaack. Alica Ashby, the master of hate returns to give us her opinions on 13 Spidey stories that she loathes. This time, the stories are taken only from the Clone Saga, one of the darkest periods in Spidey's 44+ year history.

For those of you that just woke up from cryogenic suspension, the Clone Saga is a series of stories that was supposed to last only a few months but ended up spanning three years. That's right, three years. The reason it went on for as long as it did? The writers were told to make it last as long as they could because sales spiked. It probably woulda been in Marvel's best interest to stick to the first plan and just carry the story out over the span of a few months. Despite the fact that a really sweet comic called Spider-Girl came from one of Spidey's worst periods, Marvel would like to forget that the Clone Saga ever existed. For the few good stories that we did get in there, the Clone Saga is filled with uneeded, convoluted stories and Judas Traveler, arguably the worst villain in Spider-Man comics.

Like Alica's previous list, I don't agree with every story on here, but I do agree with most of them. And I actually did like Ben Reilly. Shame Marvel "had" to kill him to prove Peter was the real mccoy.

It's a good, hilarious read. Check it out if you feel like laughing so hard your sides will split open.

13 Dumb Stories from the Clone Saga


Tommy said...

Ah Traveler. The retcon for him and Scrier made a lot of what came before it extremely silly and...supremely nonsensical. Crossfire, the story mentioned in Number 12, is one of the largest examples of wt****ery in retrospect.

I know Spider-Man encounters the real Scrier in PP: Spider-Man Annual 1999, but as much as I like DeMatteis, I was confuzzled during the reading of it.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I think even as a kid I was confused by some of the stuff that took place in the Clone Saga. Smoke & Mirrors was one big "Huh?" story. But then, I guess a lot of stories in the Clone Saga were just that.

spideyfan said...

Never cared for the "clone saga", never want to think of it anyway beside "IT IS TRASH"