Tuesday, November 11, 2008

12 Crappy Spidey Stoires

This was brought to my attention via e-mail and it gives me something to talk about in my blog, so here we are.

When you've been around for 45+ years like Spidey, you're bound to have some sub-par tales. Spidey has had many of theme but here are 12 that Spidey fan Alicia Ashby really tore to pieces, and by that, I mean she wrote an article that is every bit worthy of the words "ranting" or "rave." Not too many people can trash things with such a masterful hate, but Alicia does more than a commendable job. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

So what stories made the list? You'll have to see for yourself, but you can probably guess a few of them. Yes, THAT Spidey story is on the list and if you have to ask what "THAT" Spidey story is, turn in your geek card.

I may not agree with every story on this list but it was still a hilarious and interesting article, nonetheless, one that I highly recommend you read.

12 Spidey Stories that are made of suck


Tommy said...

That was indeed some hilarious stuff to read.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I especially loved what she said about OMD.

spideyfan said...


I disagree with the stories of the "Osbourn Twins" & '"ned the Hobgoblin" (Web#29, didn't read Spidey vs Wolverine), I think I'm the only one (as far as I know) who likes "Chapter 1" & "Man-Spider vs the Queen".

Really surprised Maximum Carnage is worse to some than O.M.D??? but I do love the game based on that dumb story

Reggie White Jr. said...

The game was in many people's eye's worlds better than the crappy comic it was based off of.