Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spectacular Spider-Man Season Two Poster

It's been on the net for a while now and if you haven't seen it, here it is. You can see the returning villains (I knew concrete wasn't gonna hold the symbiote) and some new ones like Kraven and Mysterio. According to Greg Weisman, we'll also see Calypso and Silver Sable in season two. Other goods include a gang war story as well as the Master Planner story. March '09 can't get here soon enough.


spideyfan said...

Which gang war story?
The one between Ock & Hammerhead in the 70s? Or the one from the 80s before the marriage of Peter & M.J?

Tommy said...

And then there was that one with the Lobo Bros. in the late 80's after the marriage.

Judging by the current characters, my guess would be the one with Doc Ock and Hammerhead, but you never know.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Not sure which gang war story they'll go with. I've never read the one from the '80s, but I do know which one you're talking about Daredevil was involved in it and Black Cat had this new costume that was made of suck.

Who knows what gang war story they'll do. Could be a completely original one.

I also hear Black Cat will return in season two and Roderick Kingsley will be introduced.