Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sasuke Sucks

When I first started reading Naruto in the summer of 2003, I came in at the Zabuza arc. I did not like Sasuke. He was the typical anime character with a huge chip on his shoulder that would sooner on later be taken down a few notches. Now I don't mind characters like this. Heck, I love Dragon Ball's Vegeta, but Sasuke is another matter. Even now where things currently are in the manga, I still don't like Sasuke. The dude absorbs so much of the plot and gets way too much panel time. The manga is called "Naruto," right?
The good thing about hating Sasuke? I'm not a alone. I don't know if zutara-shewolf777 likes Sasuke or not, but in making this short, I do believe she has come up with the reason why Sasuke is such a jerk: he does not have a pair.


Tommy said...

The more annoying thing with these archetypes is that they get a lot of fangirls despite being a major douche, they tend to be feminized in appearance, and they have their fangirls in-story too, which they blow off. ><

It's lovely when they are humbled, and I'm still waiting for a humbling for Sasuke I find satisfactory.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I agree on all points, Tommy.

Have you checked the current Naruto chapters? Sasuke was getting rocked hard until Kishimoto got lazy. Again.