Sunday, April 6, 2008


Someone was kind enough to post a scan of the upcoming villains for the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. If you've been reading my blog, you probably know that I have been a huge fan of this cartoon since day one. The show just keeps hitting all the right notes and is quickly becoming my favorite Spider-Man cartoon.

Now that I know what the next few baddies will look like, what do I think?

Green Goblin: I'd actually seen a picture of the Goblin's action figure a few weeks ago and I despite my love for this show, I wasn't all that impressed with it. Seeing the above image of the Goblin didn't really make me sing a different tune at first, but I've recently come to welcome the more modernized design. He looks just as menacing as Spidey's greatest foe should be and I love the red eyes and open mouth on that glider. Alan Rachins has done a magnificent job as Norman Osborn, and I've no doubt he'll voice the Goblin just as well.

Rhino: He's never been all that smart, but Rhino still remains one of my favorite Spidey adversaries. With his design, I don't think there's really much room to go wrong. I mean, you've got a huge dude in a huge flippin' rhino suit. I was actually able to see him in action for a bit thanks to the promo on the Kids WB site (keep watching past the Tom & Jerry promo). As far as I'm concerned, they've already crushed the '90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series Rhino with this version and I will be glued to my TV come this Saturday at 10 AM.

Doc Ock: One of my top of the list Spidey villains, Doc Ock could share the no. 1 spot with the Green Goblin. The brown trench coat is obviously a nod to the very excellent Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock so I wholeheartedly approve of this design. I very pleased that they went with the chubby Doc Ock since we saw a muscular Ock in the '90s show. In both of his appearances in the show thus far, Dr. Octavious has been portrayed as a timid scientists, which I think is a very nice contrast as to what he'll later become. Some have actually made comments on forums that they couldn't believe that fat, timid scientist Adrian Toomes was threatening in the first episode would become Doc Ock. I think they'll be really surprised at what they do with him once he gets caught in a certain explosion.

As you can guess, I'm petty jazzed about the upcoming foes Spidey will face in The Spectacular Spider-Man. I'm pretty jazzed about the show in general. I can't wait for Mary Jane to show up, I want to see how Gwen deals with another girl fawning all over Peter, and the DVD releases for the first few episodes cannot get here soon enough. This cartoon is so full of awesome.


spideyfan said...

Reginald? Are you familiar with the three animated series prior to STAS?
If so; what is your opinion about them?

Reggie White Jr. said...

I'm more familiar with Spidey & His Amazing Friends than I am the '60s series or the solo '80s series. I love Spidey & His Amazing Friends. Got a healthy does of Spidey's regular foes and I enjoyed Peter having Firestar and Ice Man as his teammates. I've seen a few episodes of the '60s series and even though it is dated, I did like what I saw.

Tommy said...

I'm also curious with Ock's future demeanor.

I'm used to seeing him be pretty arrogant and condescending, so how he acts when he is truly Doctor Octopus will be quite interesting.

Perhaps even more interesting then that, will be how Norman is as the Green Goblin when he encounters some of the other villains as that he knew several of them already (Toomes and Octavius) or at least knows of them (Sandman and likely Rhino) through his funding of their creation.