Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Picks From My Comic Shop

With all the talk on here about Spider-Man, one might think he's all I read. Yeah, he's my favorite super hero, but I'm no stranger to other great books. Speaking of great books, if you haven't read an issue of All-Star Superman, stop reading this blog and go out and buy the trade paper back of volume 1. Or if all the books stores and comic shops are closed, order that baby online. Issues 7-10 can probably still be found at your comic shop.

If I were to describe All-Star Supes, I'd probably describe it as old-school stories mixed with new-school writing. Some of my net friends have told me that this the best Superman comic book out right now. I was skeptical at first as the first two issues in the vol. 1 trade I bought really didn't blow me away, but from issue 3 onward, I was hooked. Grant Morrison delivers a home run every time and Frank Quitely's art is right on the money. I just wish the comic would come out more often. The series began in 2005 and here we are in 2008 and we're only on issue 10. Will be a long wait before issue 11 hits.

There were some good reviews of the Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man at, which got me interested in checking a few of them out. My comic shop doesn't have many issues of this discontinued series, but they did have the two part Vulture store for issues #15-16 so I picked both of those up. Haven't read them yet, but from flipping through each book, it doesn't seem like your usual Spidey/Vulture squabble. I was gonna pick up some of the Marvel Knights Spider-Man issues that Mark Millar did for $1 each in the bargain bin, but I was already buying some other stuff and this two part story is easier to collect than the 12 party story that is MKSM (of which I only have the first two issues). I really wish they had that three part Chameleon story that Paul Jenkins did in issues 10-12, but I'll take what I can get.


PerfectDru said...

Sorry to quibble, but that Marvel Knights Spider-Man was written by Mark Millar, not Frank Miller. I think every Spider-Man fan would crap himself if Frank Miller had carte blanche on a 12-issue Spidey story.

Also, Jenkins' three-part Chameleon story from Webspinners is in the Peter Parker: Spider-Man - A Day in the Life TPB. Not sure if it is still in print, but I don't think it's super scarce yet. Check your store for that book.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Ha, thanks for correcting me on that, man. I went on and made the changes. I plan to go to Bookery Fantasy sometime and see what all I can come home with. Maybe I'll find that Jenkins 3 part Chameleon story I'm looking for.

Tommy said...

I'd have to look through the issues again, but Vulture may be wearing a suit version of his costume due to John Byrne's attempted retcon which saw Electro in a god-awful outfit, Ock with metallic pants, and green suit Vulture.

I'm not saying the story is bad, but if Vulchy is indeed wearing the outfit, that's the reason why.

Paul Jenkins thankfully ignores all the origin retcons in his Chameleon arc.