Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Week In The Spider Books

I'm no stranger to Zeb Wells work on Spider-Man. The man has written one of the funniest Spidey stories I've ever read, Fifteen Minutes of Shame in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #42-42, vol. 2. Even so, I have never been a supporter of Brand New Day and this is largely due to Peter being written as an idiot who doesn't know when to stop with the jokes, and misplaced his common sense. Amazing Spider-Man #555 really surprised me. For the first time in months ASM truly feels like Spider-Man to me. Peter is written in character and there are some funny moments between Spidey, Wolverine and Dr. Strange. The artwork is fantastic, on par with the writing in this issue. As much as I enjoy Steve McNiven's Spider-Man, Chris Bachalo's pencils amazed me. The scenes with the snow covered streets, the battle with the samurai-like dudes, epic stuff. The man draws a fine looking Betty Brant as well. I've never seen her look so hot since, well, ever.

I read this issue at my comic shop, but I honestly wouldn't mind buying it. This issue of ASM is that good and is the first time in months I feel I'd be getting my money's worth on Marvel's flagship comic. Zeb, Chris, great job! I'm actually looking forward to next week's issue!

Next up is Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #38. Check out that cover. Is that not automatic win or what? I've never liked Swarm but that didn't keep me from liking this issue. There's a good amount of focus on Peter's social outcast status, and it comes on stronger in this issue more so than in past issues of MASM, as evidence by the story's end. Of course Spidey's scuffles with Swarm made for some nice action scenes. The way he defeated Swarm took me by surprise. I don't wanna spoil it for anyone, just read the issue.

I also picked up Spider-Man Family #8. The Spidey/Iron Man team up really didn't do anything for me. There is a decent story where Peter and Bobby Drake race to make it to a restaurant to get the last table for their dates , but the real show stoper for me was the reprint of Spider-Man: Death & Destiny #2. This seems to be a bit of a depressing mini-series, albeit, a good one (does that make sense?). It was nice to see Peter cheer up and reach out to his best friend and girlfriend even if both of them blew him off. Can't wait for SMF #9 so I can see how it ends.

All told, I say it was a good week for Spidey.


Tommy said...

With Swarm, if it involved dousing something with a chemical, then...

I might say some stuff on Death and Destiny, but I don't want to accidentally spoil anything.

And If you want to see a hot Betty Brant, there is Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #7 - 9. Eep. *Runs*

Reggie White Jr. said...

I've been meaning to pick up some of the Webspinners books. Been kinda short on cash, though.

Since The Death of Gwen Stacy gets so much attention it really is nice to see a follow up story to the Death of Captain Stacy. Its like if your neck doesn't get snapped, no one gives a rat's anus about you.

spideyfan said...

I think Betty looks the loveliest drawn by Alex Saviuk