Friday, March 21, 2008

Caught In SpiderFan's Web

What's this? Some positive related Spider-Man talk in this blog? Hey, even I need to change my tune every now and then and the latest happening in my life is just too good to keep quiet about.

I've been a reader of for about three years now. In my opinion this is the go to site for Spider-Man reviews, news, raves and editorials. What could be better than reading the site's content? Helping make the site's content!

There are a tons upon tons of reviews at SpiderFan, but when I looked through the comic database, I didn't see one for Spider-Man Mythos, a one-shot story which is a retelling of Amazing Fantasy #15. I e-mailed the site editor, and after a few back and forth messages, I submitted my own review for Spider-Man Mythos. Not only did he like my review, he gave me the mini series With Great Power to review right away. I wish I could have seen my face when I read his e-mail reply of him giving me the great news.

How does it feel to be a contributor for SpiderFan? Does Spidey feel fantastic when he's out web-slinging? It feels AWESOME! A writer should be able to describe any situation but I'm drawing a blank as to really describe how I feel. I'm so overwhelmed with joy. A big thank you to Jonathan Cooper, the site editor of SpderFan for letting me contribute reviews to the site. It really is an honor and a pleasure.

As for what I thought of Spider-Man Mythos, well you can check out the review for it here. But if you don't wanna read through all that, I can just tell you right here that it is an amazing comic. I don't care if you can quote every word from the original Amazing Fantasy #15, if you're a Spidey fan, you need to have Spider-Man Mythos in your collection. It is hands down, one of the best Spider-Man comics I've ever read. It updates the original story without screwing anything up.

Interestingly enough, I came very close to just letting the comic sit on the shelf. Matter of fact, I did for a good few months. My comic shop was down to one copy and I had no idea what the comic was about. It helped catch my interest that Paul Jenkins's name was on the cover, but I was still afraid I might not like the book. I am ever so grateful I took a chance and bought it. I didn't like the book, I loved it.


PerfectDru said...

What's up, man. It's Zephy from SRK. Been reading your blog. Keep up the writing!

Reggie White Jr. said...

Zephy, thanks for the reply, man. I'll keep up the good work. =)