Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting in Public

I'm in Lens Crafters on Wednesday waiting to be attended to so they can make some much needed adjustments to my glasses. It isn't a huge store and I went during the evening hours. There were only two employees in the place and only one other customer besides me in there at the time. Time I sat there waiting for them to get to me? Over fifteen minutes. Now I could understand if the place was swamped with customers, but it wasn't and from what I could tell, the worker was getting chummy with the customer, which is fine, but when you got people waiting, stow that stuff away and get to work.

I try not to be impatient when I have to wait in public places. I try not to let me body language or facial features show that I am bored out of my skull and sick of waiting around. Basically, I like to give the impression that even though I've been sitting around forever, everything is fine and dandy. But sometimes the act falls apart and I end up showing how I truly feel. If the employees are nice and apologize for the wait, I feel bad for being impatient. Still, I think I do an OK job of handling myself while I'm out in the public eye waiting. I mean, I haven't blow up or anything or had to be escorted out by security so I guess that counts for something.

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