Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At the Beach, Take 2

I went back to what I now believe is the main beach of Virginia Beach today. Originally, I had planned to walk along the shore, but the experience was marred by my shoes, which do not have flat bottoms. I suppose I'll have to get a pair of flip-flops eventually. Today wasn't really a day for that type of footwear, though. Despite being in the upper 50s, it was still somewhat cold when I got closer to the ocean. Still, what little walking I did was nice.

I got so close to the water that I could smell it. I would have liked to get closer but I didn't wanna get pulled in by the crashing waves and I really didn't feel like taking a chance on getting my clothes wet. Being closer to the ocean than ever before was awesome, even for someone who lacks the ability to swim. When it gets warm, I'll probably step in and get my feet wet.

Sometime ago, I saw a photo of the King Neptune statue. Since then, I've been wanting to see it for myself but I had no idea it was on the same beach I was visiting. Turns out the statue itself is pretty huge, in fact much larger than I thought, standing over 30 feet tall. It was really cool to see it up close and someday I'm gonna have a photo snapped of me standing in front of it. 

Nearly an hour had passed and after multiple attempts, I was finally successful in forcing myself to leave. One day when it's much warmer, I'd like to spend a whole day there. After just two trips, I've fallen hopeless in love with the beach.

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