Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"So Where Ya From?"

Well, if finally happened, although much later than I thought it would. While looking for an umbrella in K-Mart the other day, an employee asked me if he could help me out. I asked where the umbrellas where and he pointed me in the right direction. After that, he asked me where I was from. I guess he somehow knew I wasn't originally born in Virginia.

See, I figured I'd get asked that question much sooner, like say a week or two after moving to Virginia Beach. I also thought I'd get asked that question a lot more often. I mean, VA Beach is a huge tourist zone and new people float in and out of this city all the time.

Also, would having that question be asked by an insanely beautiful woman be too much to ask? (Sigh) Life is so unlike all the movies and sitcoms. At least for me.

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