Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not "Goodbye." More Like "See You Next Time!"

Due to the move taking place in a matter of days, this is the last night I'll have internet connection. So this will be the last time I blog in Dayton, Ohio.

The boxes are piled up and my one bedroom apartment of five and half years is looking pretty bare. It may not have been the most pretty-looking place but it was home to me and the neighborhood was really nice. Lots a good times were had in this place. Of course there were bad times too but mostly good, I'm happy to say. For my very first place, I think I did pretty well.

It isn't easy to say goodbye. I've had several people I've known over the years move and they'd had to say the word. Now it's my turn to say goodbye but I'm not gonna say it. I'll be keeping in touch with my friends via Facebook and I plan on coming back to visit when I get the chance. So instead of saying goodbye, because it really isn't, I'll say something else.

Until we meet again, in the words of an immortal plumber...


Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

I'll be anticipating this next time eagerly
Have fun with the family, and good luck in finding a new job and a new place to stay in

Tommy said...

o.o *Stows away*