Monday, December 27, 2010

Back Blogged: Last Day at Work

Ah, the last day at work. The final hurah. If you despise your job with a passion, you're only more than happy to walk out that door and never look back. I guess that's the voice of experience because I once worked a job that I loathed for years, despite the good pay. Or it could just be the voice of common sense. But I digress.

December 17th, 2010 was my last day working at Boulevard Haus. I was only there for nearly 10 months but my time spent was memorable, thanks in large part to the people I worked with, many that I knew from my previous job at a place called Cena. Of course the new faces were just as awesome as the old ones.

Like any job, there are times were you just don't feel like going in to make the bread, but even when I felt that way, working at Boulevard Haus was still a good time for me, even when I was bored out of my skull or slammed with so much to do. Liking what you do for a living is very important to me so I'm glad I'm able to say that I very much liked working there.

My last day was pretty routine stuff. The thought crossed my mind that my co-workers might do something special seeing as how it was my last day. We were a bit busy so I figured they wouldn't really have the time for cake and what have you. I figured wrong. While I was talking to Ethan, one of the cooks, I heard the rest of my colleagues chanting my name. Didn't take a genius to get what was going on. After some reluctance, I finally walked out to find everyone smiling at me. We partook in cake, ice cream and I got a lovely card signed by everyone that sings a bit of Otis Day and the Knights' "Shout" every time I open it. Even though I didn't want them to do anything for my last day at work, looking back on it, I'm glad they did. It really is nice to know that you'll be missed by people you've known for years or even a few months. Makes you feel like you have value in other people's lives. If anyone from BH is reading this, know that the feeling is mutual.

The ride at BH was short, but sweet. I'll be lucky if my next job is half as fun as this one was.

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