Friday, December 31, 2010

Gaming with the Nieces

Most little girls are into the usual things. Candy, dolls, coloring, etc. My nieces Nakiah (6) and Ava (3) are no exception, but surprisingly, more than anything else, they share an interest in what is easily my favorite hobby, video gaming.

My sister had already told me the girls were into video games but I never knew just how much until I had actually sat down and watched them play. I mean, the two of them are still very girly to be sure, but of all the things for them to take a liking to, gaming is the last thing I'd expect. My brother-in-law Charles is a gamer himself so that probably has something to do with it. At the same time, not every child is into what their parents are into, so it still amazes me that they dig the vid games.

Nakiah, is usually pretty quick to pick up on how a particular game works. If she loses a few lives, she may ask for help. Ava will immediately ask for help if she has trouble. I feel kinda bad for helping because I want them to be able to do things on their on, but I don't want them to fail either. So yeah, I get conflicted at times, silly as that sounds.

The best thing about my nieces being into gaming is that they are very flexible about it. They like old and new-school games. Perhaps it's due to their age but visuals are never even a factor on whether they can enjoy a title or not. So they can just as easily go back to watching their uncle R play some original Super Mario Bros. after beating each other down in Street Fighter IV.

Just as much as they enjoy playing, they like watching me play games as well. I wouldn't be fulfilling my uncle duties if I didn't show off the game skills for the kids.


Tommy said...

My cousin's kid (age 5) has a very short attention span with games, but he tends to mob my Wii when he's visiting.

So far, Mario Galaxy and House of the Dead 2/3 are his faves to play, and oddly enough, he played Mega Man 9 a bit too. @_o

Reggie White Jr. said...

You have House of the Dead 2/3? I was THIS close to getting that game before I moved.

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

O.o, I missed a lot of posts fresh out of the oven
What's up Reg? Tommy?
You were in the Navy Reg? Or just the shirt?

I wish I had some nieces and nephews

Reggie White Jr. said...

LOL, no, was never in the Navy. Just and Old Navy brand shirt. I think they are still around.