Monday, May 25, 2009

The Spider-Marriage is Back in the Strip

That's right, marriage fans! No longer a "swinging single," the Spider-Man newspaper strip seems to have pulled a Dallas, except this time, no one is really upset about it. Only a matter of time before it gets restored in the main Marvel comic line. Bet it.


Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

Don't be so sure, so many Spider-Man haters started enjoying Spider-Man comics since BND (there is an example this guy in CBR "_OM_").

The stories now are no longer simple rehashes and Spider-Man can fight super villains, so a major part of your disgust by the start of BND is cut away.

Why don't you read the new issues and state your opinion on them? Cause it isn't the marriage that makes the stories all groovy, "Howard Mackie" wrote much more disgusting stories with a married or a Single Spider-Man so this makes you only care about the marriage.

I'm actually glad he & MJ broke up, she's hot and all but I don't want to marry someone like her loving to party and act in romantic scenes

Tommy said...

I think the main problem is the characterization and the step backwards, plus the editorial and co. feeling as if the the marriage is the problem instead of the writing.

One More Day left a very black mark on Spidey's character and logic, and then seeing everyone act like an immature jerk makes me feel like I'm reading about another guy.

I haven't read every single OMD issue, but I've read and own several, and that's what I've seen.

As for MJ partying, I could see where the concern would lie, although the party-girl thing was an outward persona that she put on when hurting from either her broken family or perhaps when she's trying not to think about what danger Pete is in.

I do wonder what ever came of potential romantic/nude scenes though, since the topic did come up back in the Revenge of the Sinister Six storyline in the early 90's, but the gist of it was, Pete wasn't keen on it, and MJ decided they weren't doing if it was just to be eye-candy with no merit towards such scenes.

Since MJ is usually in B-movies, I'm doubting anything major involving a nude scene has ever come up. never know.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Sol, my disgust with ASM has a lot more to do with just the removal of the marriage, even if and when it comes back, I can't say I'll come back to the book. Tommy pretty much summed up my feelings on things.