Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spidey vs. Juggy

It actually took me a few days to get around to reading some of the comics on The Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Collection DVD-ROM. After spending what seemed like an eternity to get it, you'd think I'd have read dozens of issues by now. Nope. All I've read are two issues.

Before I get into the two part story that I've read, I'd like to say a few things about this DVD-ROM collection. The comics on here are not reprints with touched up coloring. These are the original comics. That all the letter's pages, the original coloring, everything from the original comic has been reproduced here. The shuddering "Snap" next to Gwen's neck in Amazing Spider-Man #121? It's there. The original comics being burned on this disc, to me, shows that a lot of care went into making it.

As for the stories I read, when I first popped this disc in, I went straight to ASM #229, part one of Spidey's tussle with Juggernaut. Juggy is coming for Madam Web and even with all her power, she can't do a thing to stop him. So she calls Spider-Man to her aid but, big surprise, he can't do much either. Juggy yanks Madam Web from her life support system and she goes into convulsions. Madam Web is on the verge of death and Spidey isn't too happy about that. So he vows to stop the unstoppable "or die trying."

ASM #230 is a little more of the same, Spidey trying different methods to stop Juggy only this time on a much larger scale. He actually drives a tanker truck full of gasoline smack dab into Juggy and it doesn't even faze him, which brings me to why I like this story. No matter what Spider-Man did, he could not stop this guy. Juggernaut's power is that which cannot be stopped. Steel beams, trucks, the usual sneak attacks; nothing Spidey tried would work. He got so desperate that he jumped on Juggy's back, covered his eyes so he couldn't see where he was going, and Juggy stumbled into a 40 foot ditch of wet cement. It may have been pure, dumb luck, but in a fight like that, I'd gladly take it.

I was a little disappointed that this story didn't live up to my expectations. Don't get me wrong, I though this was a good story, I just didn't think it was great. The best aspect of this story is the message: never give up. Spidey hung in there to the bitter end and came out of it alive. Sometimes life craps on you and you just gotta hang in there, no matter what. This story sends that message loud and clear and for that reason, it's a winner in my book.


Tommy said...

Juggy remains trapped for some time, but since he doesn't need food, water, or air, he slowly gets out and survives. I think Marvel Team-Up #150 is when he's out and has Spidey messing with 2 Juggernauts (though at half the power).

Reggie White Jr. said...

MT #150 vol. 1 was the last issue and had Spidey teaming with the X-Men. Guess Juggy was there for a while.

spideyfan said...

A new box for the DVD, they changed the box type.

I love that arc, but I'm not a big fan of M.W since my introduction to her was through the 90s animated series which showed her like an annoying arrogant old goat who keeps fogging up Peter's mind, but I found her a much more likable person in the comics.

By the way; cool new design Reg, blue always was and will be my favorite color