Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why Some Heroes Shouldn't Go Public w/Their Secret ID

I'm not a reader of Daredevil but this particular panel was pointed out to me on the Comic Book Resource Forums, and I felt it was worth mentioning.

The panel to the right is taken from Daredevil #60 volume 2. This was back when Brian Bendis was writing Horn Head and during his run on the book, he outed DD's secret identity to the public. Matt's life was in utter turmoil as a result. Seeing what DD went through convinced Spidey never to reveal his ID. At least until Civil War.

If I had the kind of enemies Spider-Man does, there's no way I'd take off the mask in public. That just opens up the floodgates for trouble. However, if Peter were written in character, he never would have unmasked in the first place. But then, Marvel had to have Peter act out of character so they could have his life so messed up so they could rest everything with One More Day. Man, the things a company will do to "fix" what isn't broke.


Tommy said...

The thing that most irked me, besides the obvious, is that when Pete does unmask, and essentially does what JJ and misc. cops put him down for (being behind a mask), you don't see any of them rallying behind him once he does.

Which is why it's even more annoying to see Vinny in the current BND issues having a similar attitude.

Spidey never gets cut any slack. :/

It essentially proves the characters that bring it up are definitely being asshats. What might have been something expected, had OMD not occurred, are people giving Spidey hell about Pete posing as him and the danger it caused his family.

I say that, because of The Initiative issue where the Scarlet Spiders help sow the seeds of confusion on Spidey's identity prior to OMD.


Anyhoo, one of the few things OMD did get right was the doctor helping Pete out so some good karma came from being Spidey for a change. However, why Pete wasn't using the image inducer Beast gave him on himself and MJ was part of the stupidity on the storyline entire, which has already been said on many a forum and blog.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Tommy, as usual, you say excellent stuff. =)