Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jealous Much, MJ?

Tommy Wilson, fellow writer and a frequent commenter on my blog presented some strips from the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip. These are actually more than 10 years old and I normally don't talk much about the strip here since another SpiderFan writer handles that pretty well, but I thought these warranted posting and talking about.

Posted above are a few strips where Mary Jane unleashes her fury on Peter on what is clearly romance of the one-sided kind in order to create a publicity stunt. Peter tells MJ this but it doesn't look like she really believes him. Looks like Ditko-Gwen possessed MJ because she's slapping the spit out of Peter. Now I've heard of overacting but MJ's behavior here is borderline psycho.
Get this woman some Valium. I know Stan was only trying to add romantic tension in the strip, but making MJ the hot tempered, crazy jealous wife is a bit much. Even though its really out of character for her to act that way, I think its really funny. Still, if Peter were the type to retaliate, it wouldn't be pretty. Normally isn't a good idea to abuse your spouse when said spouse can lift 10 tons.


Tommy said...


That might be from 1995 or so. I still have to scan up the 'Great Parkerini', the least known of Spidey's alter-egos.

spideyfan said...

The story was written back in 1995?

I'm really pleased that an artist's art in that era wasn't contaminated by the McFarlane style. I think Todd McFarlane ruined the figure of Mary Jane Watson back then, and he ruined the look of the Spider-Man suit and webbing by making the eyes too big and the red part of the suit too webbed like.

Reggie White Jr. said...

In these older strips Peter doesn't look nearly as odd as he sometimes does today.