Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting a Married Spidey Fix

Since Spider-Man is no longer married in the main Marvel universe, fans of the marriage (of which there are many) have had to look other places if they want to read stories where he's married to Mary Jane and not trolling for booty. I may not like Marvel's approach with Amazing Spider-Man of late, but there are still other ways for me to see my favorite super hero with my favorite redhead.The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip may not be what it used to be but in all honesty, I do get a kick out of tunning in every day to read the hokey dialogue and see if my predictions for what happen next come true. Stan Lee's run on Amazing Spider-Man is still one of my favorites and its nice to see him still in touch with the wall-crawler in some form. I wish John Romita Sr. was still doing the art, but bearing a few odd panels, Larry Lieber's art isn't too shabby.

Amazing Spider-Girl may not be the core continuity and Peter Parker may not be the central character, but Peter is married to MJ. On top of that, Peter is an excellent family man and seems to be filling the world up with little Spider-People. Not only does his daughter Mayday have spider powers, but little Benjy has also inherited the ability to stick to walls. And really, you should be reading ASG anyway since it's a fantastic book, written by one of my favorite Spider scribes, Tom DeFalco, drawn by Ron Frenz and inked by Sal Buscema. That right there is a flippin' dream team! Even marriage-destroyer Joe Q likes this title and recommends it, so I guess he's not all that vile.

Alright, good news/bad news time. Marvel is including Brand New Day Content in Amazing Spider-Man Family. Say it with me, everyone "ARRRRGGGHHHH!" The good news is, Marvel is throwing us marriage fans a nice, juicy bone. Mr. and Ms. Spider-Man stories will begin in ASMF #1 and will feature stories of Spidey, MJ and baby May. All written by Mr. DeFalco. I guess I can stomach the BND stuff or just outright ignore it. The Mr. and Ms. Spider-Man stuff really has me intrigued. In the first story, Spidey has to protect his family from the Lizard. These stories will count as a prequel time-line before Peter hangs up his webs for good.

As much as Joe Q may not like the marriage I have to admit that even he may realize its importance and how many fans have come to love it over the last 20 years, and see married Spidey as the status quo. If sales of BND continue to decline he may even have to bite the bullet put Peter and MJ back together in the core Marvel continuity. Time and money will tell. We'll just have to wait and see, but I hope someday the natural order is restored.

So those are your options for married Spidey. Take 'em or leave me.

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Tommy said...

I love that cover from Amazing Spider-Girl!

I'm glad there's a slight counterbalance to the BND stuff, but still...the pain!!