Thursday, June 5, 2008

10 Years of Spider-Girl

Yeah, I know I'm really late to the party on this one but I just read Amazing Spider-Girl #15, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Spider-Girl. The book was a good read I really dug the Master Planner/Final Chapter moment of May freeing herself from her bonds in a one page spread. Very cool.

May "Mayday" Parker is a lot like her father and not just in the everyman (or everywoman) sense. Like Spider-Man, Spider-Girl's first appearance was originally intended to be a one story deal. Making her first appearance in What If...? #105 vol. 2, Spider-Girl made such a spark among Spider fans that she was given her own title for 12 issues. Then more issues were added, then more, and well now, Spidey's kid has been in publication for 10 years.

Spider-Girl has been faced with cancellation many times. Time and her series has been saved by what seems to be an extremely loyal fan base. Not long ago Marvel said Amazing Spider-Girl was good until issue 30 but Joe Q said sales for the book were healthy, so it looks like Mayday won't be swinging off into the sunset anytime soon, and as a new fan, that's very good news.

There's a lot to like about Spider-Girl. The main character is a chip off the old block, but the way the whole world is shaped just oozes with awesomeness. Seeing Peter Parker as a father is heartwarming stuff and little Benjy is just the cutest little thing ever. Mary Jane is nowhere near the fashion model industry or even acting. Instead she works at Mayday's school as a guidance counselor. The Hobgoblin is an active villain and is just one of the many rogue's that gives Spider-Girl problems. Then there's the other super heroes J2, Nova, Darkdevil, The Buzz and way too many others to list. Really, there's a lot of meat to Spider-Girl outside of Mayday and her family.

Spider-Girl was birthed from what many consider to be one of the worst Spidey periods o all-time, the Clone Saga. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of that particular era of the Spider books but there are some stories I liked. And Spider-Girl is proof that good things can come from a disaster. Spider-Girl has even made mention of the Clone Saga on more than one occasion and with the currently storyline going on in ASG, Brand New May, it looks like we will once again revisit it.

If you aren't reading Amazing Spider-Girl, I highly recommend adding the book to your pull list at your comic shop. Spidey's kid is one of the best things to happen to the Spiderverse. Here's to another 10 years of Spider-Girl.


spideyfan said...

Happy new decade Spider-Girl, your father must be proud.

I loved the relation between Funny-Face and his brother Crazy-8, this new series have plenty of great villains.

Never thought that Dark.Devil would come to be kinda like Mayday's 1/2 brother.

Moose becomig Carnage is really discouraging for us Carnage haters and Moose fans. It's amusing to see the Amazing Spider-Baby.

The greatest thing about the whole series is that it's written by Tom Defalco and currently illustrated by Ron Frenz, this is one Marvel's greatest creative team-ups ever.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Tom and Ron are some of my fav comic creators out there. I love what they've done with Spider-Girl and MC2 universe.

Tommy said...

I remember the online petitions to Marvel back in the day.