Thursday, February 12, 2009

Amazing Homage

How many times has the cover to Amazing Fantasy #15 been replicated? I honestly don't know, but I'd wager it's been done more the even the Man of Steel's Action Comics #1 cover. Really, though, I never tire of the homage. Amazing Fantasy #15 has one of my all-time favorite comic covers. This Obama/Biden homage piece I found on deviant art is another one lovely addition. Only thing missing are some word balloons coming from Obama.


spideyfan said...

The only homage for Action Comics 1 I remember seeing is the cover of Amazing Spider-Man 306 or in this count, the issue by Michelinie & McFarlane with Humbug for the villain.

Amazing fantasy 15 as far as I can remember I saw 7 I remember:
Amazing 252, Amazing SPider-Girl 1, Marvel Zombies v1 #1, Deadpool 11, The Colbert cover, Spectacular Spider-Man animated intro & heres this new sketch

Reggie White Jr. said...

Good memory, but I was also taking homage outside of comics into account.

Tommy said...

Mary Jane also bought that issue for Pete within that issue.